Cosplay of Poison Ivy from Batman - Green Tights

Earlier when I was checking around for friends' posts and shares, I have found something really cool. It's a dear charming lady cosplaying the Poison Ivy from Batman, and seems she's also got some professional photography help. As said, the lady did the tight green spandex suit herself, with the boots, and her red hair looks exactly the same from the comic.

I can't wait to share the pictures with you, and see how true that the art's from life :)

I feel the ending of the gloves is not so pointy, but overall this is really a great costume overall, and the poses piled together even make the thing more vivid :)

I do love batman movies, and have a black batman costume bought for my friend, a while ago. But I didn't read too much comics, and never thought about this costume. The photos here give me a great example, and maybe it's time to broaden the mind, and think up some really new ideas.


Zentai Suits as Xmas Gifts?

It has been a while since last time's login. By all means I have no intention to just stop this. There's an internet issue local(to our building only), because of the mass building - almost a complete turnover of the road ahead of this residence. The lines for everything almost got cut off for a while, here and there.

Winter comes and so does the big holiday of the year. I am too lazy to really purchase any gifts yet. Seriously, thinking about getting zentai suits as xmas gifts, to some friends who know this hobby of mine. I used to get the small size spidey suits and superhero costume to younger brothers, and they love it. However, tights are different story. I know a couple who have showed interests to the zentai photos I collected (I only have the healthy ones), and one group's a female encased in a zentai outfit, while decorated by two huge colorful(close to rainbow) wings at the back, and dance at the square. They look really cool.

So I am really hesitated, as I think they do have interest at this, but not sure whether they really want to wear one. The idea now is, if I go with this lead, I would send out the fantastic 4 suit as a trial - the dark blue spandex tight with the logo - which falls into the hero costume too.

Dark Blue Fantastic Four Hero Costume with Logo
Or, another idea is to go with those which look really unique, with the delicate camouflage. Maybe they would love it as a dance wear or something?


A Late Regards to Autumn and Thanksgiving Turkey

We don't really have Thanksgiving day here, but influenced by western culture, young people will take the chance to send thanks card around. We get three days off together with the weekend, because most of our clients enjoyed the holiday.

So I spent most of my time at home with the show The Big Bang Theory. There are a lot of things I never heard of, or don't understand, but the shows still keep me laughing. The interesting thing is, Leonard seems a more normal scientist type in my eyes, but I can't imagine the show without him. They are good friends and it's quite a pleasure to have friends like that - be what we are, enjoy what others are.

Should Supergirl Costume come with Golden Hair?

Indian Aquaman and Batman At the Door
Winter's coming here, although there's often no snow at all, I still choose to stay at home most of the leisure time. Wearing a spandex zentai suit, without the hood on, reading, texting, twitter with friends, watching a couple of shows. Then I have reminded myself with some shows from last season of The Big Bang. I watched the one in which they all dress up as one of the superheros in movies, composed a team called Legal Justice of America, which including the flashman, his red suit with orange bright flash sign, the lantern man whose costume is a tight green costume, superman and supergirl costume with the cloak, and the aquaman - which really looks funny after dressing up.
Red Yellow Flashman Costume Shiny Metallic Tights
The show reminds me of the skin-tight superhero costumes tradition in the comics and movies.


Ancient Cheongsam Style Costume Show at the Street

Last weekend, actually two days ago, I got a call from a friend who worked at another city. We have been in the same class in university, and not from me, she's a big lover of our major, the literature stuffs. She's coming to this city to get dental treatment, because one of the best hospitals for that her. Talking about this, she's really unlucky - got a teeth problem when she was eight yrs old, got a treatment, and seems everything good ever since, except she often gets slight toothache around that. Then earlier - actually more than 10 yrs passed - she went to hospital to get a normal check, and the doctors there found half broken needle in her teeth. Does this sound like a story?

Lucky she get re-planted a teeth there - first time for me to hear that. Doctors found that if they insist to getting the needle out of the tooth, it won't work anymore either. If the surgery's successful, she could get a new tooth, just same as others, after three or four months.

It was a great pleasure to talk with her, and we had dinner at a Korean restaurant. Then on the street, we have found a couple - a man in black cloak, holding a handbang, and a girl in blue cheongsam style costume at the street. I am not sure what's going on - saw some people with pro cameras around, but there were a lot of people around. They kept walking towards to each other, and repeated that again and again.
Blue Cheongsam Style Cosplay Costume on Street
This kind of ancient costumes are mostly decorated with a lot of embroideries, with a lot of headdress too. I love embroidery but this costume doesn't look best. Believe it or not, the buttons on the costume, are tailored by cloth, and there are over 100 ways to do them - different styles and all look great. Maybe next time I could think about getting an ancient style costume for cosplay, just a little bit expensive for really good ones.
Does This Look Like a Romantic Scene - Ignore the Crowds :)


Mesh Spandex Zentai Suit - Fishnet Unicolor Tight

Got a popup at skype today, yelling from an American friend who lives in HK, and now dating with a girl from mainland. As the girl really seems his cup of tea, he's serious and thinking about marriage too, in one year or two. Therefore he's slowly learning something about the mainland's marriage rituals, which tend to surprise him very often here and there. One thing is, the husband and his family needs to pay for most of the wedding fees. He's actually joking a lot about that.

It's so interesting to know something like this, the uniqueness of every different culture.

Dark Blue Zentai Suit with White Mesh Suit

OK, the zentai's culture is, stay with zentai stuffs if you love it, and forget it when you don't. Never be bothered :) Secretly or publicly wearing zentai suits, the appearance of this fashion itself, is the signal of the enriched culture and more generous environment, so I don't have much complaints at this.
FurryZentaiLover's Creative Zentai Photos
The unicolor zentai suits tend to be more classic, although they only have one color. My friend furryzentailover, has got two suits, one deep blue and another white mesh tight. He has compiled them together and we have some great photos related with zentai. With his approval, share the photos here.
White Mesh Spandex Tights
This is the white mesh zentai suit's photo when it's worn together with black lace suit.

Friend's blog if you are interested: http://furryzentailover.blogspot.com/


Halloween Day's Scary Ghost Costumes and Stories

Halloween day's over but by the habit here, there's often more parties coming after. One interesting label we give these time-killer, is "warmth". At cold winter, getting together and dance or games with the music makes the time flies! I have got some ghost themes costumes this year following the oriental culture. They are scary and fun.

I shared an old ghost story with friends last night. Believe it or not, it was one of the most impressive for me. The plot is like this: once a family, married couple, and the husband's mother lived togeter at a big house in the countryside. The wife didn't enjoy the time with the old lady too much, because of the different interests, habits, etc. One day she went to market, and saw an artist selling his paintings at cheap price. There's one picture looking quite like the countryside they lived, and similar style house. She asked the artist to paint for her 12 more, following exactly the same environment, except that from the second painting, gradually you could see a graveyard at the mountain behind the house, slowly showed the corner of a chiffon, then more and more, then a ghost in ancient costumes, climbed out of it, and the last painting was showing the ghost lock at their own door.

So after getting them, the wife hanged the first painting in the living room, her husband saw it too without comments. Then every week, she changed to a new painting, while her husband was away for work, then changed back after he's back home. His mother noticed the changes in the painting and was really scared, but every time her son told her it was alright.

So she has finally, picked up a night with thunderstorm, to show the final painting, then played a pre-recorded door knock sounds. These together scared the old lady to death. The wife paused the music, but the door knocks continued then the door opened and she saw the same ghost showed in the picture, standing at her door.

When the husband's back home, his mother has already left, while her wife went insane.

Is it scary? I actually got really scared when read it. But it's only story. In the oriental culture, we believe that we have no fear of ghosts, if we don't do anything wrong.

It's a pity that my morphsuit makes me very unique among these complex ghost halloween costumes, and they thought I am one kind of workers there, because the waiters and waitress were wearing green color too, just with hats and skirts. Anyway, I did have a lot of fun, so do my friends.


TV Shows and My Halloween Costume

I have watched a TV show called Lie to Me recent week, about how to tell the true from false and help quickly solve the problems. Although I have doubt about we could really see much and make very accurate decisions by micro-behaviors, I don't have any expert knowledge at that, so I can't judge. As a show for entertainment, it's fresh and unique subject for me. I used to watch the shows for fun mostly, such as The Big Bang. Although they are just stories, we could see how important it is to show our concern and love to those around us.

Halloween's coming with a few parties of different groups, and I will use this chance to spend more time with friends in reality. Besides work, I have really enjoyed a long house time with my books, magazines, zentai suits and laptop. I do talk with them through internet, check update at facebook. I have read at a glance of an academic paper about surfing internet and the result contains something like: as we put yourself at internet we tend to be less communicate at reality :) Maybe it's a chance to try it and see.

My final Halloween costume, which I probably will also wear once or twice for photos taking myself later, is finally a simple green lycra spandex zentai suit, and I drew a large smile face at the front of the suit, for fun. The lesson is when I have too long backup choices of shopping, I may easily forget these great choices at beginning, and do the easy and lazy way.
Dark Green Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
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Ancient Beauty Selling Chrysanthemum - Cosplay Everywhere

A couple of days ago I joined a local exhibition for chrysanthemnm, a kind of flowers with Autumn as the blossom season. I really enjoy this kind of flowers, and there are all different kinds of colors. Then I have met something unexpected: a beauty from ancient China - she claims that she's hit by a thunder and when she woke up she's into modern world. She was a dance girl in Song Dynasty of China. To prove that, she also showed us a short period of beautiful dance.
Cosplay of Ancient Beauty and Show at Chrysanthemum Flowers Exhibition

Coming together with her is a plant of white chrysanthemnm, looking beautiful and she claimed it's coming to modern world together with her from ancient times, so this magic plant she's selling it at 10k, so with that money she could go back to his own world.

She's at an ancient architecture style park, with her flower.

Cosplay is Everywhere

Another interesting scene - when the sudden tranfer among the time from ancient to modern time, or from modern time to thousands of years ago, has become the popular theme for entertainment literature here, then people are using this as the theme, to enjoy the fun of cosplay. This beauty is wearing the ancient style bright colors red/golden dress, composed of light tulle and embroidery, layers piled, together with the long hair composed together in ancient way. Cosplay costumes and cosers are going into our lives. Compared with morphsuits, or zentai tights, cosplay is more acceptable - I would support my friends or families to cosplay a role he/she loves for fun too.


Ghost House Trip before Halloween

As the Halloween coming closer, I see that some blog systems are also promoting some animated emoticon, also labeled as gifts, theme around the holiday or the horror elements. However, these days the horror style could be mixed with the cuteness and there are some gifts which don't look scary at all. I am not a big fan of virtual stuffs like this, so compared with that, I get more toys and enjoyment from the real dolls, plushies, and decorations.

Last weekend my uncle and aunt were away for an academy meeting in another city, so I was in charge of my naughty little sister and brother. I brought them to the big plaza local, and there's entertainment such as ghost house. I saw the ghost was dressing up in a black skin-tight morphsuit, with a big cloak outside and a mask - nothing new really, but I love the idea of the zentai suit inside.
It's a pity that except the one at the gate, which is cosplayed by real, all inside are fake. However, I was still scared, especially by a cold breeze just coming beside my left head suddenly, and a vampire going out of a coffin.

@Fake Ghost@

This halloween one of my friend will take my idea, to cosplay a ninja by wearing black zentai suit, so he could hide into the darkness anytime anywhere, but to make it fun and scary, he will wear a costume outside, so others will see a floating clothes if they suddenly walk out of the lightness, such as if they want to take a cigarette. We will see whether we could record, and see how many people will yell out :)

We arrived home happily buying a few different styles ghost masks for fun.

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Another Video Taken Encased in Block Zentai Suit

My friend baccala has made another video in his blocks camouflage zentai suit again. This time he's very creative and the video's taken with a few of his favourite plushies together, looking really really sweet. The love for the sweet fur may be born with us. I also enjoy the touch with the soft cloth material too, but don't use any real fur from animals. Just personal insistance.

Here's a link to his blog: http://furryzentailover.blogspot.com/

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Sticky Shoes on Street

Today's a cloudy day, and because a big holiday's just over, a lot of people have been back to work after long time rest. In the local law, driving after drinking(alcohol),but there are still some people challenge that. Yesterday, there's a big traffic accident at our city. A car drove by a drunk driver, has hit seven other cars, and several people have left us in the accident. I really hope, the love for the alcohol, could be limited to one's own hobby only, and not influence others too much, especially not learn the lesson from the most valueable and precious life.

Change to a not so heavy topic, I went shopping yesterday, and saw a woman, wearing a couple of pink flat toes shoes. Why it's mentioned here? It's the first time I see shoes like this, covered all by nails, with photo followed.

Pink Shoes Covered by Silver Nails
When wear shoes like this, we need to be careful with our poses - too intimate touch with the nails will bring pain :)

I am thinking about getting a pair of special shoes for my halloween costumes. I guess the high boots without nails will be more suitable for my zentai suits.


Precious Life

The news about Steve Jobs surprised me today. Maybe the previous news and heat debates about his health condition, and his absense from work, but I sincerely wished for the goodbye comes a little bit later, and more later. Although I am only a common one from the crowd, I am greatly influenced by his life story, and Apple's products, have made my life more convenient.

The only thing I could say for now is, let's wish him a great life in heaven, which is an idea shared by both Western and Eastern religions. For me, I will value my life - every day more, and not wait anymore, beginning to do things I want to do at once.
Back to the topic, I have found another shiny metallic blue catsuit, or so called pvc clothes, with the turtle neck and zipper at front. It's found for a friend who wants to make a short dance at her boyfriend's birthday party next month. After the suit arrived, we may change it a little bit. She doesn't want costumes which expose too much, so this one seems suitable.

Bright Blue Shiny Metallic Catsuit for Birthday Party
We plan to add in a wide silver color waistband, plus some bells around the ankles and wrists. For dance, people also wear black catsuits a lot, but she doesn't like that color. I hope I could make a small video by then.


Free Shipping Best for Buying Halloween Costumes Online?

At this internet world, I can't resist the allure of shopping online. There are many advantages for that, such as big collection of different costumes, place the newest styles of the zentai suits on shelf online, which is a feature limited at real stores because of the space. Another great advantage, is the much lower price at same quality products. No matter how you run it, a similar size store on internet, requires much lower expense compared with the real stores.

With some online purchases, today I have seen a slogan from a seller: Happiest Thing for Shopping Online - Free Shipping. This sounds really humorous for me. No matter where you shop bodysuits online, the shipping fee is unavoidable. So sometimes the sellers claim that it's free, while the expense for that's charged in some other ways. It's important, to be patient, for purchase like this. You could add the possible choices all into favourite, then record the price down, and compare later. If the price's not raised for free shipping, then there's a real discount. Some shops claim free shipping all the time, while costumes are sold much higher. Whether it's worthwhile, we need to compare.

That's why for online purchases, I love to get the stable shops, which could provide reliable services, in the long run.


Ostriches Showing at Stadium

Today's another Friday and weekend's coming again. To celebrate this, my friend shared a group of interesting photos happening in the sports competition, and among them I have picked out this one. Well I really think this is another kind of fursuits art, and the difference only lies that this time it's ostriches, and there's no human inside.
Ostriches with Furs Showing at Stadium Burdening Two Men
I have to admit, stadium is a place where you could almost see everything, and others won't give you the surprise look. So it's fixed plan that I will show up once in my zentai suits, to watch a big game.


Shiny Metallic Zentai Suits for Us Do Flexible Moves

This post comes after last one. Yesterday I have digged out these photos for the Russian athlete, who's a real professionale at things like gym. These poses by binding the body into unbelievable angle, look very cool with the shiny metallic zentai costumes. My friends said these are beautiful, but it's impossible for us to do these poses, so get some beautiful suits will make up for the hurt heart :)

Coffee Shiny Metallic Zentai Suits
First comes one of my favourite, the dark brown coffee color shiny metallic zentai suits. The suit comes with the full body coverage design, but you could choose to remove the hood, then it becomes a catsuit. You could make the sleeves wrist length, without the gloves, then it becomes a skin-tight costume. Adding in a waistbelt, and a pair of boots, it becomes a special color supergirl costume :)


How Flexible Your Body Could Be?

In my college life, I have ever joined a trainning class for the basics of dance, and I am close to the bottom level of the whole group. Without the genius, I still do these practice out of passion. The basic exercises don't really have a very high demand, while good for my health. I could feel released and fresh after one hour's dance. It's from then I often wear the skin-tight costumes, which could also be called zentai catsuits (without hood), and enjoy the touch of cloth on the skin.

Compared with dancers, the gymnastics also have high demands for the flexibility of human body. I know that most of them have begun the practice when they were still children, and the bones are still soft enough to bind whatever way they wish with certain practice. No doubt that's a very hard process. Their beautiful performance at the competition, is the flower born out of years of sweet. When they wear the catsuits, shiny metallic zentai costumes, with their professional skills, they could show us the most amazing poses. Share some photos by Russian athlete, in which only these beautiful catsuits could fully show how flexible her body is. 
Bright Yellow Shiny Metallic Zentai Costume - Catsuits

Black Shiny Zentai Costume with Turtle Neck

Could You be Flexible Like This? - Aqua Blue Tights
These are mostly unicolor zentai costumes, without hood, gloves and socks. They look great and classic after worn. There are many similar or more elegant styles at online stores. You could also take a look and pick one for your parties and halloween holiday.

Soldier Style Camouflage Lycra Spandex Zentai Costume

Just got the news that my friend has signed a contract, so with the bonus this weekend a few others and me will be treated with a dinner, then we will go AA to karaoke, and enjoy to the full extent of our voices.(Karaoke is a word translated from Japanese, refering to the place where we get a room, mic, and other stuffs,and we could sing the songs without neighbors throwing bottles at our windows :) joking!)

So with this happy news, I already got the catsuit I plan to wear when having fun with friends. I got a soldier style camouflage lycra spandex zentai costume, and I ordered it with the removable hood, so without the hood, it's a perfect skin-tight costume, or one from the catsuits family. I will wear outfits outside, then when sing the songs, I could surprise them.

Attach a photo of the suit here first.

Soldier Uniform Style Camouflage Spandex Zentai Costume

The costume is composed of dark green, dark brown and white color. Not sure why but seems most of my female friends like this kind of neutral style skin-tight costumes more. 


Interesting Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Recently my job's getting busy, because of two projects at hand. What's coming together with that, is the heat discussion for what to do for halloween. My friends have paid most attention to the halloween costumes and decorations they could do for the holiday, and some others aim at joining or hosting some fun parties. There's a poll earlier from yahoo and seems about 40% of people care about the costumes.

To follow the traditional, then the halloween costumes would be really cool to frighten our friends, or at least surprise them. About this part, I have got an interesting idea.

I could get a really low expense costume only, to realize this idea. Just wear my black lycra spandex zentai suit, to cover the whole body, then I will wear an outfit, such as a dress, and a golden color wig, then stand at the dark corner, and keep still. Just walking into the dark side, they would say a floating clothes! Won't that be cool?

Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit - Suitable for Both Male and Female - $23.99 Only
Or I should go to my stage from darkness, and they will see a dress walking, or dance. It will be something like this.
Interesting Black Spandex Zentai Suit Halloween Costume
Could you see where are the two hands of the girl located from the photo? Enjoy!


Couple's Halloween Costumes

This was brought up from friends in our little chat group, when discussing which could be the best halloween costumes for the parties lined up, and become one of the most sprinkle in the group. Then one asked the advice about the best couple costumes for halloween, because this year she's joining parties mostly with her boyfriend.

Talk about this topic, the first thing comes into my mind is the classic supergirl and superhero. They could make the ever-lasting appearance in various activities. One of my friend even showed up in supergirl costume, with the top and short skirt, while the cloak's ommited, as a cheerleader, for a basketball game.

Male Classic Red Blue Superman Costume with Cloak 
Red Blue Short Skirt Supergirl Costume with Red Cloak
For this supergirl suit, I think it could look just great, without the cloak, while look more concise and modern.

I will go on doing some collections of the halloween costumes suitable for couples.


A Late Regards to Summer - Flesh Zentai Suits

This year's summer has already said goodbye to us by a whole night's storm, and season will bring us all different kinds of colors, dominated by yellow and orange, rather than the pure green in the hot season. As a late regards to summer, a season I really love(compared with winter), share a photo by friends here, taken after encased in the flesh zentai suits, and the most classic deep green from summer as the background.
Flesh Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits - Summer's Memory
As a beautiful memory from summer, not only the flesh color lycra spandex zentai bodysuit, also the pink t-shirt, shorts, ice-cream, all kinds of cool juices, swimming, blue sky, white clouds, most passionate sunshine, all these beautiful things, become one of the most bright records for our summer life.

Another reason I want to share this photo, lies on my love for zentai fashion: If you are looking for a special halloween costumes, a flesh skin-tight suit could really make a great base.

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Friend's Zentai Video and Blue Bodysuits

Today I have got a call from a friend since school years, and she's given birth to a cute sweet boy just a few hours ago in hospital. I sincerely wish the baby have a happy life, and enjoy his right in the families, before he's grown up and know the definition of troubles :)

Besides the purpose to share with me the pleasure of a new life in the world, she also wants me to ask my uncle to give her boy a name. Maybe this sounds strange to you - is it because he loves zentai suits too? OK, just a joke. It's because she still believes that a name is related with one's fortune, and my uncle knows something about this. I have talked with her, and she will first list out a couple of names they want, then my uncle will help and give some ideas.

For things like this, it's true if you believe.

Quoted from his blog:
I want to share a zentai video from friends today.
Here is the video of me the first time I ever put on a zentai, it was the biggest rush I ever had, and it is my old but favorite blue one. I did quit have it all the way zipped up, sorry for the flesh showing. :P


Black Skin-Tight Costume from The Avengers

If yesterday's photos about the tight leggings and trousers on street are for fun, today's a costume I really love - black skin-tight costume supergirl from The Avengers, the movie to be published in 2012. This is the stage costume for the charming and powerful spy Natasha Romanoff. All black and decorated by various helmets and weapons, the heroine is standing right in front of us.
Black Tight Cool Costume from Movie The Avengers

Changed from the comic, I think one important feature of the movie, is the cool costumes and uniforms for the avengers. They could let me know that probably the movie worths my expectation.

It's hard to find a whole set of outfits exactly the same. I have found two which are much cheaper, while still maintain the elegance.
Red Shiny Metallic Skin-Tight Costume V-Shape Design

Black Skin-Tight Costume with Cool Hood

I love superhero comics and movies :)


Skin-Tight Pants on Street

Yesterday when I took a taxi to a mall, shopping with friends. It was a little bit cold so I took a white jacket, but later it was hot so I took it off and left it at the taxi. I didn't take the receipt so there's no way to identity the taxi and get the coat back :( It was one of my favourite clothes.

But a walk around the street, with the window shopping, trying of some clothes, I did get a fresh feel of the fashion. Some women already showed up with the thin leggings. Today I want to share two photos, of the leggings like skin-tight pants on street. They are not the superstars like Lady Gaga, but they have the freedom to dress up following similar style of her, and attracts the attention. Have you ever seen Lady Gaga's Fresh turtle neck zentai suit, and a grey jacket outside shopping appearance? Then you could do a brief comparision.
White Tight Pants on Street

Flesh Skin-Tight Pants wih Black Leggings
For the second photo, could you see whether it's flesh pants only, or a flesh zentai suit, then with the jacket worn outside? No matter which, the combination is very creative. 

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Elegant White Silver Camouflage Zentai Suits

There are some extra handmade cute chairs at home, and today I have had some leisure talk with Dad, while watching him fix the chairs for me. I need two of these, and make use of them, is another way to save the resources. Later I showed my little niece and parents some photos, and there's one of zentai suit by accident. I was frightened - they never knew this hobby of me. I tried to change the topic but mum was curious. I explained what it is, and dare not to say that I have some of them too. But seems they don't show too much negative feelings. I am very happy for this.

Share the white silver caouflage zentai suit photo they have seen. It's a white dominated lycra suit, with the silver elegant camouflage on the surface.
White Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit with Silver Camouflage
With a black background in the image, we could see the suit more clear. I think it could make a great dance or halloween costume too.


Punk Style Lycra Zentai Outfits

It's so warm to be home, and get back to the place where I have lived more than ten years, I have digged out many old toys. What's even more attractive, are the trees, ponds, small mountains at the edge of the town. Sooner or later, I will go back to a quiet place like this, and enjoy the lazy days, sunshine, fresh flowers, and all the valuable gifts from nature.

My parents no longer work on the farm, and this is the season for neighbors to get peanuts. Have you ever seen them live growing in land? The peanuts we eat are digged out from the soil, because they grow at root, same as potatos.

OK, I am making posts more and more about my life, rather than just about the zentai suits. I want to share a punk style lycra zentai outfit today, composed of black and red color. What's interesting is, the two colors have divide the suit vertically from middle into two halves.
Punk Style Red Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Outfits
I think I could get one black and one red boot to go with the suit.


Today's a sunny day, and after Friday I will go home to spend the weekend with parents. In traditional culture, this week is a great time to climb the mountains, then stand at high places, missing or sending wishes to our families and friends at another end of the world. This may sound very strange. In ancient oriental culture, people have found the September, which could also be counted as the first month of autumn, has great weather. Right after the hot summer, you can't find better days to do some exercises outside. I also love climbing mountains, and when we are at top of a place, together with the blue sky and white clouds, seems our mind's widened too.

So this weekend is a family get-together. I already got a bottle of good wine for my father as a little gift, and really miss the delicious homemade dishes.
Sweet Rabbit and White Zentai Suit
I have known a little bit about kigurumi, mascot and fursuits too, which are related with zentai suits more or less. Today I have found this sweet rabbit, dressed up in a floor length dress and white mask, and from my understanding, just the hand reveals there's a white zentai suit worn to create the base. The summer's passed and with the cool breeze from new season, maybe I could really consider to wear something like this too?


Coffee Lycra Spandex Zentai Bodysuit

Today's another cloudy and windy day. Seems right after the summer heat, this autumn only gives us one day with the bright sunshine while tender breeze, and now quickly jumps to dizzy while cold weather. Sitting on the balcony of twenty-first floor, I could see warm yellow light from the same floor of another building - so close, while so far. At this high place, I could feel the foggy like air floating in front of me, and all the red/green light from the city seems so lonely.

It's just a few days like this, and I begin missing the bright sunshine again. Therefore when I dig out my collections of zentai photos, I love this series contain the coffee lycra spandex zentai bodysuit, sunshine and trees. Maybe the photography technique is not wise at all, but I could feel so straightforward, the existence of the bright sunshine.

Crimson Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit, Soil, Old Wall

Looking For a Dream Buried in the Warm Soil
Photos, could record all the most touching and beautiful moments in our life. That's the value of camera for me.


Cosplay is Everywhere - Sweet Cat Photos

I don't do much cosplay, but sometimes I join anime con, wearing the skin-tight costumes, not the classic spiderman costume, or avatar suit, mostly just a plain unicolor zentai suit, with some outfits, to show that I am really interested in this kind of activity. If you feel this is conflicted, I don't cosplay often because I am lazy, not because of the lost of interest.

Zentai suits sometimes are used in cosplay too - let alone the ready made tight superman costume, or batman suit, some other costumes also need zentai suits as base, adding in accessories, to make the perfect clothes.

OK, I make this post, not mainly to discuss my love for cosplay, or the importance of zentai suits to compose some clothes, but to share a group of very sweet photos, of a white kitten's cosplay. She/he's dressing up in different ways, and all are so sweet. There are style following my middle school teacher, with a lady pink hat with bow, the flower and sun-glasses kitten, to remind me the hawaii style cosplay, the fashionable lady by the straw hat and black cool sunglasses, etc.
Cosplay by Kitten - OX King

Do You Like Me?

Fashion Lady Kitten

Kitten in Hawaii

Mrs. Sunny Kitten Pink
I hope these photos, could bring you some fun, during a work day. Smile and
life is beautiful :)

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Rockman Zentai Video

Earlier I have made a post, to share some photos from friend. He has taken the photos after encased in the rockman/block zentai suit he has got, and they look great. If you are interested in that, please click here to see the earlier post.

Today I want to share a video from him also encased in the suit. The video's well taken, clear and stable. And I just love the zentai suit.


Block Zentai Suit Video
--Source of the video, url of my friend's blog: http://furryzentailover.blogspot.com

Here's where the suit's bought from:

Dark and Light Brown Blocks Zentai Suit