More Charming Skin Tight Costumes for Performance and Parties

Earlier I have made a brief search for the suitable skin-tight costumes for a dance. Although in daily wear I love lycra tailored zentai suits a lot, for the shows and performance, the shiny metallic costumes are look much more attractive, especially under the light. My friends have bought more costumes at this style recently, and I really think the collection this time is fantastic, so I am recording them down, to share with friends.

These costumes are all tailored by shiny metallic material, and different from the full body style, the zentai costumes are made of different styles, more close to the general dress. Although they have their own colors, if you love the design, it's welcomed to select your prefered colors. There are many different colors to select from.
Sailor Dress Style Skin Tight Costume Shiny Metallic
This dress looks sweet while charming, following the style of the pretty sailor costume, while updated to be more suitable for shows.
Red Unicolor Skin Tight Costume with Mini-Skirt
This red dress comes with the long gloves, and thigh high stockings. They are all tailored by bright red color but you could change as you wish.
Pink Shiny Metallic Skin Tight Zentai Costume


Attractive Mehndi - Skin Painting

Today's going on with storm, and early in the morning I was waken by the cold air brought by the water. Cold days in summer is so cool. I love that. After retired, I want to live at a place with a lot of tree, such as in a small mountain, so it's not hot even in summer: as long as you keep yourself in the shades, no problem at all. There are too many cars, machines, etc in the city, so it's getting hot and hot.

OK, I have already talked about water or water related issues three days, so today I want to share some beautiful art creations of “mehndi”. Have you ever heard of it?
Besides zentai suits, it's another kind of skin-related fashion. Brief contrast with the skin-tight suits, which actually add in a layer of suit as surface, the mehndi is to use special ways, to do painting directly on the skin.
Beautiful, isn't it? It's said that the painting used is kind to the skin, and there won't be any negative influence.

My guess, to do mehndi, is different from wearing a zentai outfit, you have to keep standstill long enough to last the whole creation process. Another thing is, there should be high demand of the art talent, to do the excellent painting.
Beautiful Silver Flowers Mehndi
The advantage of mehndi, compared with zentai, is the bigger freedom at the camouflage/images. Now for morphsuits there are also many different colors and styles, and there's still much more space for the expansion.

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You Could Get Famous Like This

The heavy storm is greatly welcomed by me, as it brings down the heat hovering around in the summer, and this means we don't need to use the equipments which will bring us cool so much, so the save of the energy.

However, the continuous storm has exposed another issue in the city: the inefficient water drain. A lot of streets, cars, bikes are covered or half covered under the water.

While people are enduring the unconvenience, there's a guy who's making best use of it. Do you know how?

1. A sweet swimming loop could make me enjoy the pleasure of this sports on the street.
Calmly Floating on the Water

The Truth is Revealed When Seeing from Side

The loop could hold the head so he doesn't have the trouble for the intimate touch with the water using the mouth, nose or eyes. At the same time, the body could enjoy the cool of water.

Looking from the side, you could see that the water's not really high enough the cover the full body.

2. Sitting in the water beside an old bicycle is new pose for photography.
Calm is Kind of Spiritual State
What really interests me, is the calmness in the photos, not sure whether that's faked or for real. I admire the guy's courage most, as if I have enough of that, I would encase myself in the zentai suits, then take the photos in the rain, and see whether I could get some attention for zentai fashion too.

Got a fresh green zentai outfits recently. Will show photos later.

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Water Issue Local

Today there's news about the water issue in a city nearby, where I had spent about four years studying as my college's there. There's a wide water flowing across the city, and it's one of the main sources of the water supply in the city. Recently there are lot of storms so by accident, some un-handled materials from a chemical factory flew into the river. After noticing that, there is agency closely watching the condition of the water and from yesterday, the material finally caught the city. Although there are well conveyed news about it, people have rushed into the supermarkets so the water has quickly sold out.

Running a factory is enjoying more social resources and get more profit, on the other hand, this means much higher responsibility. Even a small mistake, or unpurposely made behavior, could influence so much, or make severe damage to our environment.

Taking the zentai suits factories for example, all the steps, from the weavon of the lycra or shiny cloth, to the tailor, quality check, need to be repeatedly checked and improved, to save the energy, and make best use of all the materials involved. This could also lower the expense for the zentai costumes, and provide more choices to customers.


Pray for Those Who Left Us in Train Crash

There's news report about the crash of two newly developed trains, which is a serious accident. I have seen the videos taken from the airplane, and there's one part of the train fell off the rail, down to the ground below. A lot of people have left us, while more are rescued and now stayed in the hospital.

It's said that the reason of the accident, is still under investigation, and very possibly it's because of the function loss for the equipment due to the lightening. There's a lot of rain recently.

While the highly developed technology brings us more convenience, there are also much more problems showing. We need to treat the works at our hand with great attention, and especially for those who are at the special positions, or an error, could cause the serious results much more terrible than you could think.

In oriental culture, the white color is the remorse for those who have left us. I share a photo of the white lycra spandex zentai suits, to express my pray for them.

White Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits with a Grey Tone
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Unicolor Shiny Metallic Zentai Outfits

Today I have shown my unicolor zentai photos to friends, and they commented it's looking classic and chic. This makes me excited and I want to share some more unicolor shiny metallic zentai outfits here.

The shiny metallic suits, are named after the special shimmer effects of the surface of the cloth material. They are widely used in zentai and other skin-tight costumes, at various styles for stage shows, parties, holidays and lovers of morphsuits.

Unlike lycra, the shiny zentai outfits need to be away from water, to keep the good visual effects. Too much scrutch will influence it too.

The unicolor suits, same as the lycra ones, are composed of only one color for the whole suit, and the zipper's also same coor, at the back.
Burgundy Shiny Metallic Zentai Suits
Champagne Shiny Metallic Full Body Suits
Dark Coffee Shiny Metallic Zentai Outfits
These three colors are going towards one direction while at totally different degrees, and all sold at $32.99 only, a very fair price among the shiny suits. Most of all, custom tailor available for free :)


Swimming in Zentai in the River

One of my friends has really carried out the summer plan of swimming in zentai suits, in public places. She lives in a beautiful small town, which is famous for sightseeing. There's a river flowing all the way through the city to the mountains, with very clean water. In the summer, there are people swimming in the river.

She's encased in the flesh lycra spandex zentai suits, then wearing the swimming suit again outside. Showing beside the river, and a few people who have seen her, have been so surprised they they have climbed to the riverbank. Some people who are enjoying the breeze keep staring at her.

Find a Place to Go into the Water
Try the Water

Breath through the wet hood is very hard, and need the assistance of the mouth.

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Transformer 3 Weekend

This weekend the big plan's exercise and the Transformer 3 Dark of the Moon movie time in the theater. I haven't been to theaters for a long time, because of the busy works, and also because families have fallen in love with some TV shows. We have spent most of the time at night before television, except the walks after supper.

This time I have joined a group online - ok, the group purchase is getting so popular that right now I could join a group to watch the movies - lower ticket price - or I could join the group to buy fruits together, not tried before yet. This is the first time for me too, and there are many people there, and most of us arrived on time. There's nothing special and after the movie finished, I have seen a bumblebee car at the station, really beautiful. He's one of my favourite.

If I have a bumblebee, I will drive in my black lycra zentai suits, and enjoy the wind brushing through me.
Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit with White Outfits
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When Zentai Lover Meets Mask Con

What happens, when a zentai lover also have the passion for masks? The result is hard to imagine. If she also loves the sash besides the zentai suits and masks, it's almost impossible to imagine what will be turned out.

Here I want to share a new friend's zentai photos. After chatting happily for a while, and exchange the photos, I could see that her love for these three things is going to a very high degree, and one of her biggest interest, is to combine these things together.
Flesh Lycra Zentai Suit with Masks and Sash

The photo I share here, is composed of the flesh lycra zentai suit, white delicate masks, and layers of white sash. Oh yes, there's also the smart creativity involved. I hope you could still see the suit. You could see it from the hand, right? I really can't see anywhere else with that exposed in large scale, hehe.


Happy Zentai Real Story

I have a friend who's a crazy zentai lover. Unlike me wearing zentai suits most at private times, and only to entertain myself most of the time, she's doing a lot of them in public places. She has a strong belief and goal, to spread this kind of special fashion, and promote the zentai culture. Okay, I can't say exactly what culture's underlying below zentai, maybe I could do that in future.

Because she's often putting on different zentai suit and daily-wear as outfits, there's some interesting stories, and today I want to share one of them.
Last week she worn her flesh lycra spandex zentai suit, a black white T-shirt and knee length pants outside, then stood beside a small garden near the street, and keep quiet.

For a while there are a few people around and stared with curiosity. An uncle stepped ahead and claimed while watching her: This is a statue. My friend moved a little bit by then and because the uncle's standing too close, he was really shocked and almost go faint.
Is this a statue?
After the laughters, if you see a zentai encased man like this in public place, what will you do? Will you stop by and enjoy it as a show? Will you feel curious and poke him/her?

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My Dream - Avatar Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

The hot seasons for different kinds of funs and parties is coming again this year. Maybe it's a little bit too early to say this, but it's never too early to prepare something. Last year I wanted to dress up as Avatar and because I began the browse for that too late, I only ended up with a brown jacket, as a "false or mental Avatar" for a friend's party. It was a great time but it's a little bit pity when I see the photos, as I am not really the one I want to be. There's no blue zentai suit with straps, no cute tail, no machete either. I only got rough blue face painting and the jacket.

So this year here's my first goal, to suit up in Avatar zentai suits with the accessories. I am not sure whether I will stick with the idea to the end, but it doesn't influence my excitement to do the collection of the suits now, as a part of the important shopping memo.
Female Lycra Spandex Avatar Zentai Suits
This female avatar zentai suit has the bold cute tail, and the subtle dark blue straps, just as I imagined. However, the hood with the round holes don't look too matching with the movie. I could also just get rid of the hood, and do the facial painting myself.
Male Avatar Costume Tailored by Lycra Spandex
Compared with other lycra suits, these male and female avatar suits are relative more expensive, and if you want, you could also just buy an appropriate blue color suit without hood, then paint the straps on it and make your own avatar suits. It's a different kind of fun to put in your own time and efforts to do something mannually. At the same time, the saved expense could be spent for other holiday stuffs.


Share a Black White Lycra Zentai Suit

Today’s really hot day, but things have been going smooth. I have concentrated on the works while in office, and things are going ahead just as expected. The feeling of concentration on something, is cool. When I was in school, I often spend the whole night, several hours, on the books I love. I was very interested in languages by then, and spent quite a few months to study Japanese. It’s hard to learn because of the complex grammar system. I also love a lot of comics from Japan, so knowing a little bit of that language could help.

After browsing around for a while and leave a comment here and there, I have found another zentai photo. It’s a white black lycra spandex zentai suit, shared by others. 
Black White Straps Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Share another friend’s post for fun, and the title is: really caught me in Monday. He has listed out the things happened this Monday for him: Getting to office late in the morning; criticized and declined by the manager for the report so he had to re-write one; petty thief stole his pocket while way home on the bus. It’s three things evenly located in one day, hehe.

Wish him a great tomorrow. When all unlucky things come together, it’s very easy for us to feel down and depressed. I hope he’ll feel better soon.


A Fresh New Weekend - Begin with an Unique Zentai

The new week starts in this heat summer, and I want to begin it with two new things found during the weekend, related with zentai.

The first is a crimson lycra spandex zentai suit: different from the other suits I have seen before, this is indeed tailored by elastic lycra cloth material, and you could see from the details. But overall it's showing with the shiny metallic feeling. I could see that there are little by little shiny spades pasted on the surface of the suit. Together this crimson suit looks very special. Together with the black clothes outside, it's making a perfect zentai art photo.
Crimson Shiny Metallic Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

The second is an article: summer fantasies about zentai. I could see that it's shared by another zentai lover, and some ideas about things we could do in summer, while encased in zentai suits, are very interesting.

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Strange Dream

Another hot summer weekend and with the wind it's not so hot. I am wandering around in the house wearing my cool slippers. With a nap earlier, I have had a strange dream. I was going out for shopping, and in the dream I have the idea that there's a new zentai shop opened in the town. So I was rushing there. On the way there, I see others all stared at me and talked about something. I watched myself and see everything good. Then when I scrub my head always, I was surprised to find out that all my head's encased by lycra, while I could see and hear others even better than usual. Then another guy showed up before me and asked me: do you like the zentai hood from us? By then I waked up.

Strange dream. I couldn't often remember the plot of my dreams, although seems I dream often, and they often look like a story.


Could you see any zentai suits worn from the photos?

The passion for the sweet cute dolls in all different designs, is born with nature for human beings. Since we are children, we could have different dolls, human or animals, to accompany us in the dreams. After the gradual development, there's the new formed entertainment, which is named kigurumi. To do it, is to dress yourself as a sweet doll, or any other comic characters you like. This is also mentioned at the previous posts.

Have you ever thought, why the base suits for kigurumi, are most flesh color zentai suits? I believe the main reason is, the suit worn inside, is playing the role of the skin, and the flesh color's most match with that. There are all other different skin colors, but the kig's originated in Asia, so it becomes the mainstream.

Flesh Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
I have mentioned this today, because I have seen a few photos from a friend. Could you see them and tell me whether there's any zentai suits worn by the girl?
The Flesh Zentai Suit is More Obvious at This Photo



Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
I have added the morphsuits into the tag for my blog, and besides the general meaning of the skin-tight encased bodysuits, there's a brand also used this name, just with the first letter capital. I have to say, I am not doing any promotion for that brand.

Personally, that brand is not my cup of tea, because it's very expensive compared with other zentai suits I could find, and even worse, they have the logo at the back. That would fright me away. I could understand if there's logo somewhere at the costumes I get, such as the sports costumes I get at Nike or Adidas, but most of the time their logos are embedded into the camouflage in a more natural and decent way.

For zentai suits, due to the nature of them, attach a camouflage anywhere will be very obvious, unless the image is exactly the same color as the suit itself. The zentai outfits always come with the original designs, and if there's any logos required, I think it's best to seam it in the label, then hidden inside.

If you think I am one who loves unicolor zentai only, that's not true. I love some suits with the multiple colors, or camouflage. If the outfit's coming with a logo with other meaning, such as promotion of a brand, then it leaves me only one choice.


This is season for lychee and peaches available on the market. I could see them in fruit stores and the petty sellers around the community. I love fruits and beside the cherries as my favourite, I love these two as well. So today's afternoon tea time comes with some lychees and share with colleagues.

It's sweet and juicy, but they are not the kind of fruits which could be eaten as many as you want at one time, as they are the "hot" property and you could get dry lips if too much at once.

Share a couple of photos of Japanese woman in black shiny metallic zentai costumes today, and the suit looks great.
Black Shiny Metallic Zentai Costume
I love this one too, which looks similar to the costume above, with a zipper at front.
Black Shiny Metallic Zentai Suits


Multiple Layers of Zentai Suits at the Same Time?

For zentai suits followers, most of us have the experience of wearing more than one layer of suits. I ever say a survey and one said he/she has tried to wear 69 suits at one time, as the top record. It's a little bit hard for me to imagine that.

Many people love zentai for the skin-tight binding feeling. One layer of suit encased, doesn't really create much pressure at all, and not for 3-4 layers either. However, my friend ever tried 6 lycra zentai outfits all worn at the same time, and they are a little bit tight if worn separate for each one.

After encased in them for a couple of years, he's got pain. Could you guess where? The toes of the feet. The several suits together have created a relative large pressure which pressed against the nails, and the nails pushed into the muscle and caused the pain. After he had pulled off all the suits, the toes were red with a little bit swollen, and took about one week for them to go back to normal.

So if you want to do several suits at the same time, be careful about that.
Multiple Layers of Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits


Zentai: Go Back to Original

A tired Tuesday as I had a cup of coffee by accident and couldn't fall into sleep last night, so I am very sleepy this whole afternoon. I have just finished all the workloads today, and make a small post here, to share some photos taken when enjoying the local star's music shows. She's wearing a skin-tight costume and dance a lot.

For this show there are a lot of different opinions. Some are excited and truly enjoy it, and think the singer is very beautiful and charming, while others think the style of the costumes are not elegant enough. I don't often follow this kind of style as for the fashion part, but I love her songs.
Skin-Tight Stage Costume

Sometimes I wish we could go back to original. Although it's a kind of entertainment, and seems it's not possible to avoid dozens of clothes for a show, I really feel that's also a kind of waste of resources. Sometimes I could hear talks about zentai suits, and some love them because that's a claim, a challenge to current fashion trend, especially towards the luxurious decorative parts. A skin-tight bodysuit, look so simple, doesn't cost much of the materials either. The clothes, are created by ancestors to keep warm, and later to cover the privacy, and nowadays the requirement for that changes to the desire of beauty.

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Tips about Zentai Suits for Beginners

Today a new member joined the group and he claimed he doesn't have any zentai suits yet, just preparing to get the first one. He's interested to know whether there's any cons/pros before the purchase.

Well, I have to say it's hard for me to discuss zentai from this way, as it's a kind of costumes, and it's mainly for fun. You could wear a zentai outfit for parties and shows, and it will be a lot of pleasure. Or you could wear it for your private time, just enjoying the calm and safety in it.

Here are some of my experience regarding zentai suits:
1)You could select a lycra morphsuit as a beginning, as it's elastic. To begin with that, could help you better know your size.
2)Morphsuits with the hood on doesn't influence the eyesight too much unless you want to read magazines in it :)
3)You could wear the bustier or tight shorts inside.
4)There are many different colors and camouflage to select from. Also you could add in personal features such as removable hood, gloves, hands, eye holes, etc. There are many for you to take a look: http://www.trustedeal.com/Wholesale-Zentai-&-Catsuits_c22.html
5)Lycra morphsuits could be washed with wash machine at gentle mode.
6)Keep your suit away from water, if it's shiny metallic.

Hope you enjoy the fun from it.


Skin-tight Zentai Costumes for Dance

There's a party for people who like zentai suits, and skin-tight costumes next month in the nearby town. In our group there are some friends planning to go. It's a pity that I need to work for a part-time job I agreed all weekends next month, I can't join. However, still great enjoyment to see their discussion about the costumes to prepare. Most already have the full body suits, and there's not much works involved. However, a friend who is also good at dancing, wants to do a short show there, so there's a good skin-tight zentai costume required, and shiny metallic style.

So we have browsed around, and selected some suits out, which could work best to display the beauty of dance, and attractive. Of course another primary rule is the reasonable price. Every penny needs to be well-spent.

I have shared the several styles we have voted out, also for later reference for other parties or holidays. The first two features the top and long pants, which could well show the beautiful slender legs.
Fuchsia Shiny Metallic Zentai Costume

Golden Shiny Metallic Zentai Costume with Top and Pants
Black Skin-tight Zentai Costume for Dance


Kitten Girl Appearance Kigurumi Photos

Today's a sunny and hot Saturday, and I have spent most time in swimming pool, or enjoy the drinks beside it. After back to surf on the internet, I have read the news about the airplane accident, and sincerely pray for those who have left us in it. Seems the high technology not only brings us great convenience for life, there are also disasters coming from that. For the environment, I am trying to use as less machine as possible, to save the energy, and we could also get better health, such as biking from and to work. It's possible for me as I am not far from the office, and I rode bicycle from last winter until beginning of the summer. The zentai suits, including avatar suits, have also been used occassionally for the promotion of the protection of environment.

I want share some more kitten girl appearance kigurumi photos. The kigurumi is done with the bottom flesh lycra spandex zentai suit, black thigh high stockings, a black sweet style dress with white ruffles. Most of all, the mask is done very pretty with the delicate bold eyes, and the cat ears at head also add in a polish.
Sweet Kitten Girl in Kigurumi Art

Flesh Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit Could Get You Full Covered
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More About Flesh Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Earlier there's a post about the silk spandex zentai suits, which are also called body stockings. However, not sure whether it's influenced by the dominant color of silk socks, whenever talk about the body stockings, the first image appears in my mind, is always the flesh color zentai suits. Actually there are many flesh lycra spandex zentai suits, which works great as the second skin. Compared with the silk ones, the lycra suits are not so transparent, so they work better for the fully cover of the whole body.

Inspired by the kigurumi art(a kind of entertainment to dress up humans as dolls, with the zentai suit, mask, wig and costumes), now we also dress up in zentai suits, and wear clothes as outfits, and enjoy the fun.
Flesh Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits
Of course there are many other colors as well. I will collect some later and share at the blog.



Recently I see there’s mention of bodystockings in the forum. I have taken some checks and I think the body stockings, are another way to call the full body zentai suits. The difference maybe lies on the cloth materials involved. To follow the image of stockings, it’s often half transparent tulle or silk material tailored, while the zentai suits, contain much more cloths and camouflage.

So compared with body stockings, I still prefer to call them zentai suits, or morphsuits, as this could better cover the clothes involved, and I really don’t think they are only stockings. For same reason, body socks are not often used in my blog either.

Compared with lycra, the silk spandex zentai suits, are often thinner, with the half transparent feeling, so to be encased in that, the visual effects are very different from other suits. Based on that feature, many people also wear multiple layers of silk suits. On the other hand, different from the stockings, many silk zentai outfits also come with floral camouflages and they are beautiful. 
Black Silk Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

The most popular are still unicolor silk suits, and I have attached photos of the black and silver silk morphsuits. 

Flesh Color Silk Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits


Silver Skin Tight Zentai Suits with Ears and Tail

There's a local news today which strongs my belief for the most pure love among human beings. A two year old baby fell off from 30th floor of a building, and while others were stunned, a woman rushed onto it and hugged the baby using her own hands. She doesn't know the baby before, but she has the strong love for all children as a mother. Her bones have been broken because of this, but lucky with modern technology, she could be recovered very soon.

I believe that it's not others not want to save the baby, but many people won't be able to give any movement order to our own bodies, during the sudden shock.

Very happy today reading this news. As today's zentai suit, I want to share some photos of beautiful gym athletes in the silver shiny skin tight zentai suits, with cute kitten like round ears and long tail. Matched up with the round eye holes and mouth hole, they look very beautiful and attractive.
Getting Suited Up in Silver Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Do You Like the Round Ears?

Long Tail and Ears - Kitten Style Shiny Metallic Skin Tight Suits

Seems the great performance from dancers, and the athelets, always come with skin-tight costumes, as this style of costume could best show the beautiful bodyline, the fantastic artwork, after years of practice.

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Should I get a Morphsuit?

Today at yahoo answer, I see a guy posted a question about morphsuits: should I get a morph suit? It's posted for a few hours and there's no answer yet. As one of the zentai lovers, I am glad to share some of my ideas about it. So I have briefly introduced it. Attach it here, to share with more friends who want to "morph".

Morphsuits have originated since 70s in Japan, and people who buy morph suits, mainly include two groups, one is taking them for fun or for cosplay, and wear them for some parties. This kind of morphsuits are often come with special interesting camouflage, or you could add in accessories as you see proper.

The other group is composed for people who love to wear this kind of clothes. This skin-tight costume could cover you fully, and some feel comfortable inside, as it feels like all the things outside have been cut off, so you could enjoy the calm all belong to yourself. Also the tight-binding feeling, just like having your second skin, is also cool.

So I think if you are interested in this kind of suits, you could get one and have a try. Afterall, it's only a kind of clothes fashion, among not a dominate one among the crowd, and it won't do any harm either, even if you don't like it after trying. How it feels, you need to really try one to know.

If you want to buy it for your own's trial, I would suggest you to begin with a lycra morph suit. Because lycra is very soft and comfortable, suitable for all seasons, and you could wash it as general cloth too, without any trouble. If it's for parties, anime cons, or other shows, you could also consider the shiny metallic morph suits. They have the shinny feeling at the surface of the suits.
Dark Silver Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

I am a regular buyer from trustedeal, which is one of the online stores for all kinds of morph suits, including the lycra tailored and shiny metallic ones. Even better there are all different colors and camouflage patterns to select from. Besides the full covered suits, there are also morph costumes, pvc costumes, in different styles and colors, also suitable to get a fresh new and unique appearance at parties, to bring in some more fun.


I love zentai, I love NBA too.

The big news today should be the salary issue of NBA. There's bold, while very depressive predictions that without the case solved, maybe we won't be able to see NBA games anymore. It's reported that the wages for the "workers" have been stopped, and all negotiations, or transactions have drawn a big Pause too.

I am not so much worried, as I believe as long as there are audience who want that, the existence of things like this, won't disappear. Maybe another name, or evolved format, but there's still hope.

For sports, I don't exercise much (Please don't imagine me as fat and bald because of this :), but I love watching the sports program. I could play a little bit of basketball and that's my main entertainment every evening during the school years. For me the focus is not to win, but to have fun.

I feel interesting to write something about the world around me in my diary, but reverse of the subject, I love NBA, I love zentai suits more. Today's zentai, is purple lycra spandex zentai suit, with a little tint of blue.
Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

When you wear this suit, and walk around, the light will easily change the color between purple or blue, and this could also apply for taking photos.