Wonder Woman Costumes!

I have known Wonder Womam since I was a child, although not so impressive and adoring as I am to superman, but indeed she's the beautiful superheroine represents everything I could dream of when I was a little girl about a hero, pretty, elegant, powerful, justice...But recent years, that image really not goes into my mind often, until most recent the hot discussion about the Wonder Woman's real image.

Maybe I am grown up, lol, but I am really not so satisfied with the new image of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman. The tiny curly shoulder length hair, shiny metallic tight bodysuit, high-heel boots, really don't convey the "style" or the "feel" I have for Wonder Woman. This image was hotly discussed and criticized and one of the reason is: the pants don't seems to ensure the movement flexibility. Later I read the news that the image has been upgraded, the pants are not shiny and the high heel blue shiny boots have been transformed to the low red ones, still with the golden lines. I don't know how others think but this "wonder woman" really makes me feel more "woman" than "wonder".

Compared with this, I am still more in love of the original wonder woman image as in comic, and the supergirl costume. 


Crazy Fantasies about Zentai Suits: Zentai Bar

Yesterday when I was tidying up my laptop, I digged out some archived photos I collected from internet about the cosplay and zentai. When I saw a photo with many "zentaier" piled up, a crazy fantasy about zentai suits come into my mind: wouldn't it be cool if we could have a zentai bar, where the theme will be the skin-tight bodysuits and zentai costumes? There could be rules that all people who want to go in need to be zentai lovers, and wear a zentai suit, and no hood, no socks, no gloves, or other style skin-tight garments also acceptable; and the waiters inside will wear zentai suits too. Then there we could meet friends who share same hobby as we do, and talks about our zentai stories, isn't it cool?

Guess it's a hard to realize dream, and not very realistic, but I begin thinking that it doens't have to be a real bar, but a "zentai bar tonight" will be cool enough, just as the meetups for lolitas. I could gather my friends and we have a party like that, for zentai lovers only and zentai suits only. It's a pity that I really don't know many who love this, in my real life, close to me. Hope I could know more in future and make this fantasy true one day.


Lady Gaga and Her Bodysuits

The latest news about Lady Gaga should be her 25th birthday party, which turned a mini-concert. Happy quarter-century, Lady Gaga! She turns 25 today and celebrated her big day with 60 close friends over the weekend in LA.

I love how Lady Gaga does whatever she likes, just as she took the stage with the restaurant's Mariachi band and belted out some of her hits, including "Born This Way" and some Madonna hits. As her friends said "she just loves to be on stage and doing what she does so well." This attitude to life and to her career may give us more passion to our own careers too.

Not only her songs and dances, I also love her dressing style with the skin-tight bodysuits.

The flesh color silky bodysuit has created a special visual effects together with the jacket and shoes, while avoiding the exposure of excessive skin. I also love how she has used the leopard bodysuits in different styles and created the wonderful and unique looks. 


The Attractive Silk Zentai Suit

First, I have to admit, I have never tried silk zentai suit myself, I can't be sure how it feels to wear it, or whether it's elastic enough. But today I have seen some photos, with the half-transparent zentai suits, which looks so attractive. This has arosed my desire for one of them.

Silk zentai costume is clearly different from lycra or shiny metallic suits by seeing, because the silk is often more delicate and looks transparent, so you could look through easier if you are wearing a silk bodysuits. I guess the material for this is similar to the bodystockings. Because of this, sometimes we could wear silk suits with some other accessories, and create some beautiful visual effects. The most typical one should be to wear a skin-tight bodysuits inside, then wear a full body silk zentai suit outside, and together that will create some stylish colors.


Comic Cat's Eye & the Skin-tight Zentai Suits

As a fan of comics and manga, I spent a lot of time and money on these books and videos. Recently, I digged out an old comic from my bookshelf. It's named Cat's Eye. Please don't yell, it's not the novel by Margaret Atwood, nor the horror movie by Stephen King which is about a black cat, it's a Japanese comic issued a little bit earlier.

Now look back, I see that since then I was impressed by the skin-tight zentai suits. The comic's about 3 sisters, who are beautiful and elegant, live as everyone else in daytime, then take the adventurous trips as thieves and visit the famous art works at nighttime.  It's a beautiful, pure and bright comic, later was reproduced as movies also.

I love how the 3 sisters dresses up in night time in tight bodysuits, and become the high-skills thieves. The comic also discussed the bright and dark side of a human being, rather than simply label a hero and a criminal, and explored the complexity of humanity.
Their typical image is the hoodless zentai suit, with the v-neck sleeveless top, with a colorful and very contrast waistline, and the same color and fully covered shoes. The zentai suits have best dipicts their beautiful movements, and the bodyline looks fantastic. They only steal the artistic treasures, and also met a policeman as friend and boyfriend.  It's the general robinson image in art, but in a complete different appearance.

I ever cosplayed them, but I didn't get a full body zentai suit, but a same style top, then a zentai pants, and the joint parts at waist is covered by the yellow waist belt by same cloth material. It was fun. A pity that I lost the photos.


What is Kigurumi?

Today a friend of mine asked me what is kigurumi. I know a little Japanese. Kigurumi is a kind of cosplay following certain rules, or a zentai based cosplay.

To do kigurumi, you must have a flesh color zentai suit, and cover your full body, including the head, a mask, and the cosplay costume. First wear the zentai suit, then put on mask, then wear the costume. The hard thing for me to do it is to get a mask I like, at an affordable price.


About Latex Zentai Suits

Today I joined a forum about the zentai costumes, and there's discussion about latex suits. Although latex is promoted as the newest and suitable cloth material for zentai suits, I haven't tried one yet. There are mainly three reasons, one is latex suit is generally about 10 times more expensive than lycra, silk or shiny metallic, and another reason is I still have doubt for that. I am still more of a fan of the lycra spandex zentai outfits, or silk, while not so much passion for rubber kind of suits. PVC is neutral. And the third reason is, as I know the latex is not very elastic, so it's best to custom-order one based on your own size. This adds the extra trouble and cost :)

I have digged a little bit deeper into it, and found some photos which I think good to share. From the visual effects, the suit is not tightly bonding to the body as lycra suits, and it looks even more rubber like, just with a more natural and tiny shiny effects compared with shiny metallic zentai suits.

The pink and white colors are not bad and looks great with the background. Not sure whether it's possible for me to stitch something onto the suit, paint seems impossible.

The good thing is I could have a latex suit and swim, and the colors won't go off so I don't have to keep myself away from water as I have to when wearing a shiny metallic zentai clothes.

Do you have some ideas or experience about zentai suits to share with me?


Classical Black & White New Style Zentai Suits

While I searched online for my spring's new zentai suit, I found a few new style black white zentai suits, very cool, share here.

Tailored by lycra spandex, and the random dots look very cute, right? This zentai suit is available only at 39.99USD, and it's in my list.

Beautiful dots lycra zentai suit,I really have a big passion for this kind of fashionable zentai costumes.

Share Some Cool Zentai Photos

Today I have got some cool zentai suits photos, which raised my passion to wear zentai and go public places in this warm and beautiful spring. Here I wanna share with you. Isn't this beautiful? I can't judge what cloth material this zentai suit is using, but looks like rubber, and I really doubt the beautiful flower like camouflage is painted on the suit. What a cool combination, the beautiful flowers and beautiful zentai costume? I tried to search online but didn't find ready-made zentai suits like this for sale.

This light-green zentai suit looks like tailored with silk or thin lycra spandex, with the beautiful camouflage and similar style dress, green wig and sandals, so cool! 
 A sand bath is good for your health, and also could keep you away from the world for 30 minutes, and a sand bath in the zentai suit I love, could you imagine more exciting things?

I am beginning some serious plan about going forward from private places to public wearing a zentai suit, maybe still decorated with other accessories for now.


Met Some Cosplay and Zentai Friends

Today it's very sunny and I have taken a walk in the park after lunch. There's a game show near the river. I often see this kind of show recently, in cosplay clothes and zentai clothes. Some of them are organized by cosplay or zentai lovers, and some by companies to promote for some products. Today it's for a new game launched in March.

There's a simple wood stage built for this, and decorated with "clouds", looks very beautiful. The female characters in the game dress very fancy and in traditional Chinese style. A few men are wearing pvc shiny skin-tight bodysuits, similar to zentai suits just without the hood.

Their clothes are decorated with wide waistband, hanging a big sword at shoulder and high boots, very unique, and weird combination! It's a pity that I didn't take my camera with me so no photos, but lucky I have chatted with them a little bit and made some friends. This is a business show to promote the game, so most of them look very handsome. Maybe next time when they have similar activities just for fun, I could join them.

Share some of my game cosplay photos here. 
Shiny metallic cool skin-tight suit, with cool blue color wig.

I love the black zentai clothes and how the sleeves look.
See the cool waist and leg belts?


Zentai Clothes and The Matrix

I am a movie lovers and spent much of my leisure time before my tiny cute DVDs or in cinema, and especially love the action movies, also detective ones, paradox, right? 

Because of my personal favor to zentai suits, and the similar style body-tight clothes, sometimes the movie characters’ dressing really attracts my attention. Yesterday it’s cold and windy outside so I spent the whole day on my warm sofa with hot tea, and watched The Matrix series again. 

Right back in 1999, since I first watched The Matrix, their tight-body dressing have left me a deep impression, especially Anne Moss’. The general style of their costumes are tight and cool. Let’s share an overall photo first. 

 I guess Anne Moss’ clothes is tailored by latex cloth material. It’s very shiny, and durable even in water. The pity for this kind of zentai suit is, it’s not very elastic, so if you want one, you need to custom-order from suppliers per your own size, and the price is much higher than lycra suits. That’s why a latex clothes is still only in my plan, not in my wardrobe.

Can’t be more cool wearing a body-tight zentai clothes like this, with a gun at hand. Of course for fun let’s just get one from toy store.

Men could look cool and handsome in tight clothes too, wonderful display of the beautiful bodylines.


How to Personalize Your Zentai Suit

As more and more people enjoy to wear zentai suits this or that way, now we could get professional zentai providers online, at very reasonable price. There are unicolor zentai suits, which is all in one color, and you could choose your favourite color. There are also multicolor and flower pattern zentai suits.

Sometimes I feel it’s a little bit pity that most suits we got are the pre-designed styles. To pursue the uniqueness and personality, I would like something more special for me. If you have the same desire as me occassionally, you may try some of my advice.

The first method we could use, and also the easy one, is to use the custom features provided by the zentai shops. We could ask the seller of these suits to tailor them with open eyes, open mouth, open nose, or whole face a hole. We could also ask them to tailor the feet with disjoined toes. However, for this feature you need to be careful that disjoin toes will make the wearing time of the suit longer. I have a suit with a removable hood, and that’s very convenient when wear it. We could also ask the provider to change the location of zips, or add zips at different places, such as a vertical zipper at front chest, or besides the legs. We could also make the gloves and feet removable too.

Most of these features cost a little bit extra payment, but compared with doing them by ourselves, that should be worthwhile.

Adding extra features by ourselves give us more freedom but also more works. You could wear the suit with some accessories, and this needs to test your appreciation for beauty and fashion. I ever tried to add some small lights bulbs to my suit, at the waist and leg area. That looks very cool for performance, but wasted 3 suits during the making process. Because the bulbs add the extra weight to the suit, you would need a thick cloth material suit. A friend of mine ever tried to burn a pair of diving glasses to the eyes part of a suit, and not sure whether he succeeded yet.

I will share with you more if I find other interesting stuff about personalize zentai outfit.


The Most Often Seen Zentai Styles and Cloth Materials

Zentai suits may be a new word for you, but it has already come into our life for over one century. First born in 1886, this bodysuits are close binding to the skin when wear, just like the second skin, fully display the beautiful bodyline, so first show in the stage and circus, then goes into sports field. People take the full-body suits as the swim clothes. Nowadays in the pursuit of the unique personality and characters, people who really enjoy the benefits and comfort of zentai suits also boldly wear them in public area. The combination of zentai suits with some other accessories, also become a fashion, and one of the leading star should be Lady Gaga. She’s famous for her dressing of sexy lingerie, jacket and wonderful hair style in entertainment world.

Most zentai suits features for fully cover of the wearer’s body, from feet to head, and the zip is located vertically at the back. People could also do eyes holes, nose holes, mouth holes, removable hood, tail, etc, easily on the suits. These suits could be unicolor, multicolor, or with flower pattern. For example, avatar’s blue zentai suit’s with horizontal lines, while the spiderman and superhero suits are with their own “logos” and lines decorated.

Mermaid zentai suits are a special variant of full body style. This could make you look like a mermaid for the special unique tail. 

There are also some other zentai clothes, most not fully-cover, but designed per personal prefer. Many of these clothes are used on stage for shows.

Here I will introduce a few most common used cloth materials to tailor the zentai suits:

1)      Lycra Spandex: a kind of soft high-elastic cloth material, and very widely-used for zentai now.
2)      Shiny metallic: this cloth looks shiny when wear it, and also very elastic, looks great for performance, but it needs to be kept away from water.
3)      PVC: very shiny and feels great, thick, perfectly suit for shows. The disadvantage is it’s not very air-breathing, and not so elastic, so to get a suit by PVC, it’s best to tailor per your own accurate size.
4)      Latex: a new developed cloth, very elastic. Many people think it’s the best material for zentai suits now, and showed in many movies, such as the clothes for heroine Mary in The Matrix Revolutions. The latex zentai suits could greatly display the fantastic bodyline of wearers, very shiny. Compared with shiny metallic cloth, it won’t soak in water, so latex could also be used in exercises for sportswear.


Linda, a Zentai Lover, Hello!

Hi, everyone. I finally moved to action and built my blog….30 minutes ago! I have been thinking about this a lot but I already have a blog, so I used to spend most of my time there. Yes, used to. Now I wanna build this and meet some friends who love zentai suits just like me, haha. I really love Lady Gaga, how she wears the sexy tight bodysuits with the jacket and the fantastic hair! 

Share a photo of a star in zentai suit first. 


Beautiful, isn't it? I use it to encourage myself to do more exercises, hehe. 

I also loves comic and music. Many costumes from comics look very elegant. 
OK, here's a new beginning in my life. Hope to meet more friends and zentai lovers here.