Today's Zentai: Dark Blue Lycra Spandex Suits

Recently I begin my real reading of the Harry Potter series - books, and many details which were not so obvious at the movies become much more clear. Honestly I don't often have the patience to read so long novels, especially at this kind of entertainment type. I would prefer to watch the movies, which look more vivid to me, with most excellent plots. Recently I got bored by the summer heat and not very active for shopping and other activities requiring body movements - OK I know I am like this in winter too - but stay in house I don't even need any machines, such as fans or air conditioner. I take this as a tiny contribution to environment - less heat created :)

I do love reading books and especially those about the magics and wizards. Back to Harry Potter, there are also many other creations by internet writters, who have extended the story from the novel, and change the characters' inner relations randomly. Maybe from the plot they are not so exciting as the original, but I could see some interesting tips here.

Back to the topic, today's zentai suits, is the dark blue lycra spandex suits, and there are two photos, taken with the patent leather necklace, and interesting curly hair. Could you tell whether the suits in these two photos are same color or not?
Dark Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai - Zentai Photo with Accessories

Red Necklace and Wrist Lace with the Deep Blue Lycra Zentai Suit


How to Do Online Shopping of Zentai Suits without Credit Card?

There are some people from certain areas, or because of the age issue, has problem to get a credit card to purchase the zentai suits they love online. It's something hard, because for zentai costumes, I haven't seen many real stores for that: only one real store I know which is located in Germany. Besides that, there's also the price issue.

What to do if so? There are several ways:
1)Buy use paypal - Paypal account could be built and confirmed through the connection with your bank account, so without a credit card is ok too.
2)Use western union, which is a very fast way to send cash from one place to another. The only problem is, the fee for handle that is a little bit high.
3)I ever buy suits for friends and they pay me the money in other ways, such as virtual credits from some platform. Of course, this way is only useful for close connects, so you may seek help from others around you who have this ability.

Share an orange lycra spandex zentai suit, which is bought by me from an online store which I trust.
Orange Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits
This orange suit comes with some red flash, and I love this.


Surf Equals Dating with Shark?

I have read the interesting news from yahoo today, about a surfer, jumped over by a shark. After glanced over the title, my first impression was: is there anyone got hurt? The nervous attention got comforted by the fact later. This is a shark which is not hunting for big animals as food. He/she eats small fishes. So gradually this news becomes something fun and I couldn't help laugh later. There are photos and video taken, to record this valuable moment.

Next weekend I plan to go out to have some fun on the water, and my friends proposed to go to the Water World, which contains a lot of entertainment stuffs above and below water. I am secretly imaging to go and play wearing my zentai suits, maybe without hood. I could bet they would be surprised.

Share a couple of blue lycra zentai suits I love recently.

Aqua Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
This suit is the best one I ever found, which could make me connect it with the beautiful fresh water.
Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits


Terrible Search Results about Zentai Articles

I have subscribed to an article platform about zentai. Never did this before but it sounds useful, for me to keep track of the things happened around zentai, well, not necessarily about the zentai suits fashion. Now I know that there are people's family name Zentai too, and he's famouse: showing in the news.

After following that for a while, I have got about one third results which are really about zentai, while other articles, contain the word, but are about other stuffs. Why? I don't know either, but seems they are just using that way to let me see other subjects, something I don't plan to read.

I think I will switch my subscribe and choose another more decent platform.

Today's very cool with a storm in the morning. Yesterday's heat has all been carried away. This morning when I waked up I even suspected that the air conditioner's on. I have had a great day in house. I washed two zentai suits, tidied up my book shelf, got some fresh flowers in the vase, and read the "The Little Prince". I love it because it taught me to value what I have, my own rose and prince, or princess.
Pink Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit - I Love Zentai
Standard Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
I love my life, and I love zentai.


Unicolor Lycra Morphsuits

Question: What is morphsuits?

Answer: Morphsuits is another way to call zentai suits, and it's the general definition, including all kinds of following several groups:
1)superhero costumes, including spiderman suits, batman, supergirl, avatar suits, etc.
2)unicolor morphsuits, the suits are composed of one color only, including the zippers. This kind of suits are not only comfortable to wear, they could also be great base suit. For example, to do kigurumi there are often flesh color lycra spandex zentai suits used as the bottom layer.
3)morphsuits for parties, anime cons, promotion activities, etc. This kind of morphsuits are often showing with different colors, or camouflages, which could best attract audience's attention.

Unicolor lycra morphsuits are my big love for my wear. They are comfortable and elastic, while the unicolor could allow me to do whatever I love for surface. I want to introduce a few unicolor lycra zentai suits I found, at very reasonable price(lowest I see which offers custom tailor).
Black Unicolor Lycra Morphsuits
Black unicolor lycra morphsuit is my necessary, as it's the most basic while classic color. I could wear it whenever I want. After this dark color suit, next comes a bright color I love: sky blue unicolor suit. It could also be worn for anime cons and parties, for the positive and beautiful appearance.

Sky Blue Unicolor Lycra Morphsuits

Bright Orange Unicolor Lycra Zentai Suit
I will share more lycra suits later.

Life Goals Related with Zentai Suits

As the fast life speed and increasing pressure, it's hard to calm down and enjoy some leisure time, quietly with the trees, flowers, and fishes in the pond. The direct result from is the life goals which have been buried deep into the works everyday.

It's something I have known for a long time, but the idea of that, doesn't change the facts that I still have a lot of things to do every week, in different roles, and the things I really want to do still get forgotten. Recently a friend of mine found a way to deal with this: use a life schedule platform, and record down the life goals simply whenever you get it, then mark it as done after you really do it.

The key is, with that list there, you won't let your desires easily skip from your busy thoughts, and you could also see others' goals, and communicate with them.

Then I found some goals related with zentai suits, very interesting.

1)Zentai   -This is most straight while general idea, and I am one of the group who wrote this as a goal. I guess we are either too lazy or just too direct.
2)Get a Zentai Suit   -Specific, while it's not noted what to do after getting the suit.
3)Wear a Zentai Outfit    -Clear and Precise
4)Get More Zentai Costumes    -For professional zentai lovers
5)Sleep in Zentai        -I love this too.
6)Dream in Zentai Suit       -Very creative, and wish you a great dream.
7)Wear a Morphsuit and Join Party        -Lovin this.

Dark Brown Lycra Spandex Unisex Zentai Suit

Color Straps Lycra Spandex Zentai Costume for Male and Female

This is cool, and I will go on collecting and rich my list :) Actually, I want to do all the above things related about zentai.


Lady Gaga's New Blue Wizard Show with Black Skin-Tight Costume

At Toronto's show, Lady Gaga's showing wearing a blue jacket, with the skin-tight sleeveless costume inside, decorated by tiny white spots, and same color black knee-high boots. Together with the waist length blue hair, she's just like the charm and mysterious blue wizard. The black inner costume, which is tight binding of her beautiful bodyline, has fully displayed the charm of the fashion goddess.
Lady Gaga's Skin-tight Black Costume with White Spots

Black Skin-Tight Zentai Costume Has Fully Depicted the Bodyline

Black Waist Long Hairstyle and Knee Hight Black Shiny Boots

Blue Jacket Goes Well with Blue Hair


Got Caught in Zentai Suit

I caught a cold yesterday and it's terrible with the headache.After a sleep it's still like that, and until then I realize I was having a fever. Even in the zentai suit I can't sleep well. Later I had a pill and now much better. So it's the blog time.

Just want to record down that earlier, my sister visited me and she has found me in my black zentai suit, although without the hood off. She was curious but the attention was diverted by my fever. After taking the pill, she accompanied me and waited me to fall into sleep again, and out of curiosity, she asked me whether this is a special style of sleep wear. I told her yes I often sleep in it and love the feeling of tight-binding. She asked me how I got it, and I confessed it's a kind of suits loved by a small group of people. Then she noticed the hood and asked me whether I put that on too when sleep. I told her I do that sometimes. She was curious and surprised. Seems that's all, no more remarks and I am happy for that. Maybe if she's interested, I have one more person to discuss my love for the morphsuits without any concern.

Bright Green Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit


Fresh Summer Dream in Zentai Suits

This is a beautiful summer, with the green trees and bright sunshine. In the coming weekend I have plan to go drifting. There's a new one opened, about two hours' drive from our city. It would be cool if I could wear my zentai suit and take that.

Share a group of photos, by a friend, and she has named it "summer fantasy". She's a beautiful girl with a lot of dreams and love.This series are taken with the flesh color lycra spandex zentai suit, and the green camouflage summer dress.
Flesh Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit - Summer Zentai Dream

My Love for Lycra Zentai Suit is Pure and Sincere


When do I Begin Loving Zentai Suits?

Earlier today when I was chatting with an online friend who also loves zentai suits, he suddenly asked me whether I have tried to bind my head with the blanket when I was in middle school. I was a little bit shocked and he realized, then asked me:"You never tried that before?" True, I didn't. He was surprised too and asked me then how I feel in love with zentai. I didn't see the connection between the two, then he explained to me, with his story.

From middle school, he began trying to cover his whole head using the blanket, then tie at the neck using some lines, and enjoy the feeling of tight binding. Once he was discovered by his old brother while still encased in that, and there's no big mess made. So it's right from then he's already loving that, and later there's zentai suits which provide much more convenience.

I don't have a history like this. I fell in love with the suit after saw the photos then tried once. But it's good to share :) Green Man suit is the first time I see that, and my first suit is a black unicolor lycra tailored.
Oliver Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits


Silver Zentai Suits to Dress Up as Aliens

I remember that I have seen a group of photos before, of a person encased in a silver shiny metallic zentai suit, with the alien-like huge head and big black eyes. That's a very cool group of zentai art works, and it's like just an alien kid from outer space. I can't recall exactly where I have seen them, and what's the name of the series.

Then today I have come across a humorous picture using the alien zentai costume kid's photo, with the position of squating beside the street, and they have added a poster and a small tiny basket ahead of him, with the words saying: I want to go back to Mars. Please help.
Humor Done on A Zentai Art Photo of People Encased in Silver Skin-Tight Alien Outfit

I am really speechless... so strong imagination. It's like almost everything could be used as the material and adding in stuff to become something to laugh at. At the same time, I even have a strong desire to give him some money...I will translate the passion to help those who really need :)

Silver zentai suits could look best if tailored by shiny metallic cloth material. There's also full body suit for sale.
Silver Shiny Metallic Full Body Zentai Suits
I love silver zentai suits!


Ironman Showing at Anime Con

In the recent anime con in nearby city, the zentai suits and zentai related costumes, such as spiderman and superman suits, are offically included in the campaign promotion board and materials from the host, and many people showing up in lycra spandex zentai costume, including the long history batman, supergirl, and many other personal created suits.

And right at the front of the exhibition, I have seen the status by the host, and the first is the ironman. Can you believe that? Some of my friends always want to do ironman, but it's hard to get the pluffy effect, either by tailor using the soft plastic material and cloth outside, or by the hard plastic to make up thhat kind of appearance. It's a pity that we can't just use the common lycra zentai outfits and do the camouflage. It could work, but won't be so original.
Lycra Spandex Red Blue Superhero Costumes


Sweet White Lycra Spandex Zentai Costume

This is a cute photo for white lycra spandex zentai costume, full body cover and with the light sky blue background. I love how the combination looks, and the white makes the human looks tender while still attractive.
White Full Body Lycra Zentai Costume


Morgan de Toi Fashion Show with Zentai Suits

Just quote from another zentai lover: "I wish a fashion show is always done like this."

At Morgan de Toi fashion show, there are models wearing the black and dark blue lycra spandex zentai suits, then get the costumes outside, to fully display the beauty.

I think this could create a special visual effect, and get more attraction. On the other hand, when the face is not so important, does that mean more people get the chance to show the beautiful bodyline at the stage?
Lycra Zentai Suits Showing at Fashion Show

Dark Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
Loving the suit and cool at the features of the fingers without the tip parts.


Zentai Suits in Summer

We are finally beginning our hot days this summer. After delay one month, today I have finally felt the "passion" of the sunshine. I am in the black silk dress I tailored at the tailor shop, and it's cool with the breeze.

After the lunch, I took a casual walk in the area around the office, and found another quiet place, with a few giant old trees, quiet and cool. I am thinking about taking some photos there. Maybe I will try the fresh green suit here, as another kind of public - public to the trees, grass and flowers.

As the days get hot I am becoming lazier, and to be encased in suits is a little bit hot. However, I talked about this with my gym teacher, and she suggested that I could go on wearing my old blue lycra zentai suit to do the exercises, as it should speed up the usage of energy. Oh, sounds great, if I could bear that, hehe.

Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit


Wear Zentai Suits Whenever I can

Recently at the local group for zentai suits and skin-tight bodysuits lovers, there's one proposed to hold a campaign called "wear zentai suits whenever I can", and encouraged us all join in, and he's also planning to build a site for it, to place the photos by us, as a record of our real life with the zentai.

It's something cool, and actually this is also my attitude towards the lycra zentai outfits I have. Except when going to work, swim, I try to wear them for morning exercise, biking, yoga, etc, as for sports it's more tolerable even if you cover yourself all up, except hood.

White Shimmer Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits


Skin Tight Zentai Costume from Game

If you love to play games, do you know Bayonetta? The mysterious and attractive magic girl, in the black skin-tight zentai costume, with white gloves and golden accessories. The black high platform shoes also add in a charm for the costume, and recently there's a group of photos about realistic Bayonetta, which is claimed as most match with the original. It's hard to define which cloth material is used to tailor the costume. Seems it's thick with slight shimmer, and the hand decorations are by patent leather.
Bayonetta Skin-Tight Costume
Share some other skin-tight zentai costumes I like:
Black Patent Leather Skin-Tight Zentai Costumes
Skin Tight Zentai Costume by Zipper Top and Short Skirt
Cool zentai costumes for show. If you have great body, you should consider to get one and show it.


Green Man Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Do you remember the Green Man, which is almost the first zentai suits image showing in TV show. I guess I could never forget it. But to mention it here, it's because of a photo I see named Green Man Group. Take a look yourself and enjoy the fun!
Green Man Group by Painting
Compared with this creative way to best show out my eyes, I would still prefer the green man suits, which should provide me the hug feeling than the cold paint.
Green Man Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits
Green Lycra Spandex Zentai Costume


Most Skin-Tight Suits - Soccer Jersey Painted on Skin

As I talk about the zentai suits everyday with a deep passion for it, I have to admit it's not the most skin-tight ones compared with these soccer suits, which are painted on the skin of the beautiful models.

Dark Green Suit Painted

Skin Paiting for the Red Suit and Pants
Get a comparision with the skin-tight superhero costumes for female, and which do you think is more cool:
Red Blue Superhero Costume for Girl
Shiny Metallic Supergirl Costume


What Could Zentai Masks Do?

What could zentai masks do? There could be many answers, such as: add in a special flavor to full body suits in the party; wear the spiderman hood to play as Spidey; put on the mask and cover the face, so others won't know who I am; and many others. But you definately won't expect something like this.
Masks Covered People with Knife at Hand
What are they doing? Behavior art? Cosplay? No! They are what you see, three robbers with the real knife holding at hand, with the face covered by zentai masks. They took this photo using cell phone, before they went ahead to action, as something to memorize later :) Of course, unfortunate, they were caught by police before they could begin their big plan.

When I see my collections of the zentai hoods, I have never expected to see a news like this, so humorous. OK, end of the story, share some photos here.
Bright Blue Shiny Metallic Hood with Zippers

The hood is tailored by shiny metallic cloth material, with two horizontal zippers at front.You could unzip it to show your eyes or nose.And back of the hood is a vertical zipper, for you to put on or put off the mask. There are silver, dark blue, red, green, golden and many other colors available.
Bright Pink Shiny Zentai Hood with Three Zippers
There are also hoods by lycra material, with cool camouflage.

Lycra Dark Blue Zentai Hood with Eye Holes and Gold Lines


Smart Match of Lycra and Silk Zentai Suits

I love zentai suits, and using the simple unicolor zentai outfits, we could still get beautiful art visual with smart design. Share a group of photos here, by the black lycra suits, silk hood and stockings.

Black Lycra Spandex Unicolor Zentai Outfits

White Silk Stockings and Hoods on Unicolor Zentai

This reminds me of the robot :)


Fantastic Four: Loving the manga and movies, and the bodysuits

Fantastic Four is a series of manga about a group of superheros, who have been exposed to the radiation from universe and gain the super power. It's hard to believe that this manga has already accompanied me so long, and since its burn in 1961, there are already 589 issues exist. Now we are quietly waiting for the Fantastic Four: Reborn, the new movie for this series. When I was browsing around the movies and accidentally saw this, I just realized in a sudden that the Fantastic Four bodysuits are a kind of zentai suits without the hood too, and from the pictures, I believe the lycra cloth could be perfect to tailor for it. Then I have done a search and I really found it! And I have also brought back my memory about the reason I didn't try it yet. OK, you will see. Here's the fantastic 4 lycra zentai suit I found:
Dark Blue Fantastic Lycra Spandex 4 Costume
It's tailored by the dark blue color lycra cloth, with the black gloves and belts by patent leather, and the chest badge looks good. It's sold at $45.99 - yes, a little bit more expensive than average lycra suit, but considering the price for other costumes with a theme, it's rational. This really lurks my desire for get it. This must be the new model suits from them. Why? Because I have searched for it before and didn't see it.

And this was what I have got before, which is also by lycra. It's not bad, just the color's not very right for me. If for general fun it's ok. That's why I dropped this idea.
Bright Blue and Black Fantastic Four Lycra Zentai Suit
The good thing for this human torch costume is, it's sold at 37.99USD, so it's cheaper.

There's also another version tailored by shiny metallic material, and it should be good choice for show and parties. Attached here for your reference.
Fantastic 4 Shiny Metallic Bodysuits  $36.99