Mask, Skin-Tight Costumes and Bondages

I am not really a fan of bondages: no collections, no practice. Share a photo here, by an internet friend.
I don't like the bondages, but I do like the camouflage strips skin-tight costume here.


Could You Find the Zentai Woman from the Photo?

One of my friends, has got a black lycra zentai suit, which makes her very obvious in the environment. She's wearing it with a black tulle dress, and showing in a small clothes store, for the purpose to select some other daily wear. I really admire her courage and straightness. There are many people staring at her but she's just doing her own shopping at great leisure. Indeed this is her freedom to wear whatever she likes, as she doesn't violate any dressing protocal either. (Mask is allowed in our city in public place.)

Could you find out where she is from this photo?
Wear Black Lycra Zentai Suit at Clothes Store
Below is how this suit looks when worn by a male. Quite different feeling, isn't it? 
Male Model Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit


Skin-Tight Shiny Pants

Open my blog today, I couldn't help appreciating the rockman zentai suit photos again. It's really a very fashionable suit, but today I have found something else fun.

Compared with the full body zentai suits, which I wear at home most of the time, I have found some skin-tight pants, which are suitable for much more occassions, such as daily wear, holiday, dance, parties. Only the daily wear, combined with other tops, could make a different appearance.

I got this idea, because a male friend asked me for a gift for his graduation day, and he likes the skin tight costumes, but not the full coverage. I want something that he could really wear, and after a search, I have found many different styles skin-tight shiny pants, each with elasticity too.
Red White Skin Tight Shiny Pants
There are also black dominated pants, with the silver camouflage.
Black Silver Shiny Tight Pants


Photos of Rockman Lycra Zentai Suit

Earlier I have found a new style brown and light brown camouflage zentai suit, by lycra spandex cloth, and the abstract camouflage really look like rocks - I think this suit could be used to cosplay rockman. After recommended, not sure whether my friend furryzentailover has seen it from my post, or anywhere else, and he has got the suit. I just checked his blog and there are photos! The rockman zentai suit looks exactly as I expected, and his photos are showing a kind of innocent strong feeling. With his permission, I am sharing the photos here.

Rockman Lycra Zentai Suit - In the Womb by FurryZentaiLover

Silent Rockman Thinker?  
The zentai suit comes as a full body suit, with the vertical zipper at back. With the well tailor skills and the camouflage, it's hard to see the seam, therefore the suit could look as a whole block. If you make around in it, it becomes fluid floating rocks. If I am a male, it will be one of my top selection for the holiday costumes.

Let's take a look at the original photo of this suit, at the product page, to do a comparison:
Rockman Brown Camouflage Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
You could see clearly now that the blocks are irregular shape, while there's big lapse/switch between the dark and light brown colors. Fashionable, isn't it? This is one of the rockman costumes which I could find, at the reasonable price without any extra trouble(such as stuff the pluffy things into the suit.)


Skin-Tight Costumes are Everywhere

Finally back to normal life, after away for more than one week. Yesterday I have got all the accumulated piles of works finished, and today's much better. Today's a very sunny day, but see the bright sunshine, I could always feel its difference. The beautiful autumn's here, one of my favourite time in a year. Bright sunshine, clean air and blue sky, but you don't have to be restrained by the over-passion heat from summer, or the thick clothes from winter.

Today while check the emails, there's a newsletter about the recently released horror movie Insidious, talking about a family's unexpected adventure at a new house. Seriously, their poster looks good, but I don't watch it yet. What really attracted me, is the red skin-tight costume by the heroine in the movie. I can't help acclaim, the skin-tight costumes are everywhere. They do bring a lot of charm when properly worn at certain occassions. Let's share a photo here. 
Charm Red Skin-Tight Costume
Talk about the skin-tight costumes, there are many to select from. The key is, to find the suitable style, and color. This costume looks very simple, but could best make out the beautiful bodyline of the star. 

Black Shiny Metallic Skin-Tight Costume
This design is very simple while classic. I really love this one. Compared with this, the following is a simple style dress. 
Blue Skin-Tight Costume Dress
I just confirmed, that the colors of these costumes are changeable, and really happy for this.


Interesting New Styles Sleeveless Zentai Suits

Today I got a call from a friend at faraway city, and he wants to know whether I am interested in a job offer he knows, which may be suitable for me. The truth is, I don't really go far away from my hometown, for school and the job after graduation. I think I am the type which is used to stay at one place, although I do walk around much and look at other places, but never stayed any place longer than my current place.

So right now I am hesitated and still thinking whether to take it or not. To get a fresh of my dumb head, share two new style sleeveless zentai suits I have just got. They come with the thin straps, and neckline is V-neck with round shape. The suit is tailored by lycra spandex, while the docoration at front is the shiny metallic material, in either silver color or gold color.
Black Skin Tight Zentai Costume by Lycra with Golden Camouflage
The suit comes without socks too, but it has greatly depicted the slender legs. The next suit is similar style, while the surface camouflage is in silver color.

Black Sleeveless Bodysuit with Silver Camouflage Irregular Located
Thinking it would be cool if I am just in another city in a while, and post the blogs from there. But I am not sure whether it will be suitable for me yet.


Cool Customization of Zentai Suits

Through the blog and local groups, I have known some friends who also love zentai, or skin-tight suits, or cosplay, or things related, and it's a great pleasure to communicate with them, talking about the happy things happened at our life, share zentai photos and creations, etc.

There are some of them, who have great passion for the zentai and cosplay, and input a lot of efforts to build up some marvellous artistic works, and with the approval from the owner, I want to share a magic piece of works from my friend Bhata(you could find his blog at livejournal using this name).

He has begun with an ordinary unicolor white zentai suit, after an airbrush and acrylic paints mixed with fabric bonder, it's this way now. I can't imagine how much works have been put in, and in the photo, there are still some accessories lacked, and final result will be a lion costume. Could you believe that?

Cool Lion Costume Painted Out from a Plain White Zentai Suit

Back of Skin-tight Lion Costume from Zentai
If you are already beginning feel pitiful for such a wonderful suit can't be washed and maintained, please be assured that after the heat-treating it's safe for anything now.

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Get a Peaceful Mind Encased in Zentai

Today's a great day, as my relative's out of hospital. After the surgery, she's recovered in a good way, and tonight we have had dinner together, to celebrate that.

Recently I have found another interesting thing to do in zentai suits.I have worn the suit and lay there quietly, and watch my breath, in and out. Quietly it's like getting into another world, with so peaceful mind. Just like Yoga, this helps me adjust my spiritual world and the body condition, reaching a wonderful world. I checked some materials and this seems the beginning step of a kind of self-trainning in oriental called Qigong, a kind of kung fu, but concentrating on the inner strength growth. I don't have desire to learn kungfu, but this kind of experience is cool.

If you feel this hard to understand, just think I am speaking to myself. I just have the happiness to share with you.

Red Brown Tiny Spots Leopard Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits
Share the leopard style cool zentai suits I am loving recently, a great holiday costume too, and the suit makes my body looks slender and smooth.


Yellow Camouflage Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

This post's sharing a video from a very generous friend. I have named this post this way, based on the style of the suit he's wearing when taking the video. Compared with these works I did for fun, this one's really clear and stable.

He's wearing a yellow dominated camouflage lycra spandex zentai suit. Great body shape, isn't it? The camouflage's composed by irregular color blocks, and overall looks like vertical lines. I think suits of this style could make you look taller. Maybe I could try one of these styles too.


Black Red Straps Zentai Photos

Maybe I have used a strange phrase to modify the zentai photos, I just want to share a group of photos I like from Marcy Anarcy.

It's taken beside the sea, and she's encased din the straps zentai suit. The whole suit's composed of the black and dark red two colors of vertical lines.

The suit's great and the overall feel is bright and positive. Quite different from the general style sentimental feeling photos I love, but I think the suit's charm.
Black Red Vertical Straps Zentai Suit
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Two Surprises on Local Valentine's Day

Last Saturday is the local Valentine's Day, and a lot of little girls show up in the street selling roses, at the much higher price than general. I got a visit of an old friend, who has already married and came to this town for a trainning. We used to be classmates, and she's a girl with unique thoughts.

On the way home, we have seen a handicapped girl selling newspaper and I bought one. That's what I expected all for the holiday. On my way home, there's a girl dressing up in ancient dress, with a poster ahead saying that she's transferred to current times from ancient, and want some donations of money, so she could go back to her times.
Ancient Dress Girl Show at Street for Donations
Very interesting cosplay, and you could see how popular the subject is. Maybe I just forgot, actually I am transferred to modern times from hundred of years ago too.

And the second surprise(although not realized yet), is my old brother Sam ordered me a black white irregular blocks camouflage zentai suit, show a photo first. I think I could wear it for a party later.

Black White Classic Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit for Holiday


Dark Red Zentai Suit with Delicate Black Spider Net Camouflage

After the continuous cloudy and storm days, the sunshine finally embrace us with her brightness today, and what comes together is the hot weather. However, to see in a whole picture, this summer's really easy.

I have recorded the blue superhero style zentai suit yesterday. After some female friends' view, they think it's cool, but more suitable for men, unless revised someway, such as without the hood and show long hair, but afterall, it's still tending more to males. They could get it and send out as gift, but not for themselves. So I have got the hint that they want something unisex while unique designed, cool for the holidays.

This really ISN'T a hard question for me, as I have found this and really lovin it: a dark red zentai suit with black spider net camouflage. Cool, isn't it? And both female and male could wear it, besides the special design. I truly believe it could make a great holiday costume.

Although it's not very shiny, it's not tailored by lycra spandex either. The surface is covered by a very thin layer to expand a little bit shimmer.
Dark Red Shiny Zentai Suits with Black Spider Web Camouflage - Cool Style
Compared with other designs I have seen, I really think it's very reasonable priced. I probably will buy it and take some photos later.

On the other hand, we could think this of the revolutionized spiderman costume.


Stylish Shiny Metallic Zentai Suits for Halloween

Time flies and I don't get rid of the memory and pleasure from last year's holiday yet, there are friends who are talking about their possible preparation for the excited party time again. I am having a quite complex character, and sometimes I am a big fan of these activities full of voices, and once in a while I just want to stay quiet like invisible.

Back right to the point, they have a big fan of skin-tight suits. While browsing around lazily, I have found this interesting shiny metallic suit, and I think it could be really fun: it's designed following the superhero style, but it's different from all other suits I have seen before. The halloween superhero costume is tailored by shiny metallic cloth, with standard blue as the main color, with blocks of blacks and black hood. The front chest is decorated by several white color circles.

Overall, I think this blue black superhero style zentai suit is cool for holiday or theme party costume. OK, enough of the blablabla, and here's the photo.

New Style Superhero Model Blue and Black Zentai Suits
Let's get a look at the back of the suit.

Back of The Blue Black New Superhero Style Zentai Bodysuit
It's only available at $35.99 and compared with other higher price of the designed suits, I think it's quite reasonable. You could also customize it as you wish, by adding in special features.


Beautiful Sunset After Storm at My City

After the storm, the sky's washed so crystal blue and with the pillow like clouds, it's the poem from nature. Yesterday afternoon, not only the blue sky, there's beautiful sunset after the waterfall, and everything looks so magnificent. I have to say, all the art creations from nature, is still showing so supreme power, which is beyond our recognition. I couldn't help imagine, just like when lying on the straws on the farm in the childhood, there are gods and godess living on the other side of the sky.

Well, you may say that the science already proves who's living over there, but there are still so many mysterious things un-solved and I really believe the world still leaves us more to explore in future.
The City Where I live Under Sunset Shine
Beautiful Sunset after Storm

Share a couple of photos I have taken using my Nikon bought last year. Sorry you can't really trust my photography skill.

Not only about the sunset, it's also including my city, where I am living on now. This is something I planned earlier, and I hope you like it. There's a big wide river flowing through here, and I live beside the river, often seeing the beautiful birds flying through.

Just by the way, I have got the message that I may be able to get more photos, of the zentai suit woman beauty saloon trip. If you wish to know what's happening, please check my previous posts listed below:

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