TV Shows and My Halloween Costume

I have watched a TV show called Lie to Me recent week, about how to tell the true from false and help quickly solve the problems. Although I have doubt about we could really see much and make very accurate decisions by micro-behaviors, I don't have any expert knowledge at that, so I can't judge. As a show for entertainment, it's fresh and unique subject for me. I used to watch the shows for fun mostly, such as The Big Bang. Although they are just stories, we could see how important it is to show our concern and love to those around us.

Halloween's coming with a few parties of different groups, and I will use this chance to spend more time with friends in reality. Besides work, I have really enjoyed a long house time with my books, magazines, zentai suits and laptop. I do talk with them through internet, check update at facebook. I have read at a glance of an academic paper about surfing internet and the result contains something like: as we put yourself at internet we tend to be less communicate at reality :) Maybe it's a chance to try it and see.

My final Halloween costume, which I probably will also wear once or twice for photos taking myself later, is finally a simple green lycra spandex zentai suit, and I drew a large smile face at the front of the suit, for fun. The lesson is when I have too long backup choices of shopping, I may easily forget these great choices at beginning, and do the easy and lazy way.
Dark Green Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
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Ancient Beauty Selling Chrysanthemum - Cosplay Everywhere

A couple of days ago I joined a local exhibition for chrysanthemnm, a kind of flowers with Autumn as the blossom season. I really enjoy this kind of flowers, and there are all different kinds of colors. Then I have met something unexpected: a beauty from ancient China - she claims that she's hit by a thunder and when she woke up she's into modern world. She was a dance girl in Song Dynasty of China. To prove that, she also showed us a short period of beautiful dance.
Cosplay of Ancient Beauty and Show at Chrysanthemum Flowers Exhibition

Coming together with her is a plant of white chrysanthemnm, looking beautiful and she claimed it's coming to modern world together with her from ancient times, so this magic plant she's selling it at 10k, so with that money she could go back to his own world.

She's at an ancient architecture style park, with her flower.

Cosplay is Everywhere

Another interesting scene - when the sudden tranfer among the time from ancient to modern time, or from modern time to thousands of years ago, has become the popular theme for entertainment literature here, then people are using this as the theme, to enjoy the fun of cosplay. This beauty is wearing the ancient style bright colors red/golden dress, composed of light tulle and embroidery, layers piled, together with the long hair composed together in ancient way. Cosplay costumes and cosers are going into our lives. Compared with morphsuits, or zentai tights, cosplay is more acceptable - I would support my friends or families to cosplay a role he/she loves for fun too.


Ghost House Trip before Halloween

As the Halloween coming closer, I see that some blog systems are also promoting some animated emoticon, also labeled as gifts, theme around the holiday or the horror elements. However, these days the horror style could be mixed with the cuteness and there are some gifts which don't look scary at all. I am not a big fan of virtual stuffs like this, so compared with that, I get more toys and enjoyment from the real dolls, plushies, and decorations.

Last weekend my uncle and aunt were away for an academy meeting in another city, so I was in charge of my naughty little sister and brother. I brought them to the big plaza local, and there's entertainment such as ghost house. I saw the ghost was dressing up in a black skin-tight morphsuit, with a big cloak outside and a mask - nothing new really, but I love the idea of the zentai suit inside.
It's a pity that except the one at the gate, which is cosplayed by real, all inside are fake. However, I was still scared, especially by a cold breeze just coming beside my left head suddenly, and a vampire going out of a coffin.

@Fake Ghost@

This halloween one of my friend will take my idea, to cosplay a ninja by wearing black zentai suit, so he could hide into the darkness anytime anywhere, but to make it fun and scary, he will wear a costume outside, so others will see a floating clothes if they suddenly walk out of the lightness, such as if they want to take a cigarette. We will see whether we could record, and see how many people will yell out :)

We arrived home happily buying a few different styles ghost masks for fun.

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Another Video Taken Encased in Block Zentai Suit

My friend baccala has made another video in his blocks camouflage zentai suit again. This time he's very creative and the video's taken with a few of his favourite plushies together, looking really really sweet. The love for the sweet fur may be born with us. I also enjoy the touch with the soft cloth material too, but don't use any real fur from animals. Just personal insistance.

Here's a link to his blog: http://furryzentailover.blogspot.com/

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Sticky Shoes on Street

Today's a cloudy day, and because a big holiday's just over, a lot of people have been back to work after long time rest. In the local law, driving after drinking(alcohol),but there are still some people challenge that. Yesterday, there's a big traffic accident at our city. A car drove by a drunk driver, has hit seven other cars, and several people have left us in the accident. I really hope, the love for the alcohol, could be limited to one's own hobby only, and not influence others too much, especially not learn the lesson from the most valueable and precious life.

Change to a not so heavy topic, I went shopping yesterday, and saw a woman, wearing a couple of pink flat toes shoes. Why it's mentioned here? It's the first time I see shoes like this, covered all by nails, with photo followed.

Pink Shoes Covered by Silver Nails
When wear shoes like this, we need to be careful with our poses - too intimate touch with the nails will bring pain :)

I am thinking about getting a pair of special shoes for my halloween costumes. I guess the high boots without nails will be more suitable for my zentai suits.


Precious Life

The news about Steve Jobs surprised me today. Maybe the previous news and heat debates about his health condition, and his absense from work, but I sincerely wished for the goodbye comes a little bit later, and more later. Although I am only a common one from the crowd, I am greatly influenced by his life story, and Apple's products, have made my life more convenient.

The only thing I could say for now is, let's wish him a great life in heaven, which is an idea shared by both Western and Eastern religions. For me, I will value my life - every day more, and not wait anymore, beginning to do things I want to do at once.
Back to the topic, I have found another shiny metallic blue catsuit, or so called pvc clothes, with the turtle neck and zipper at front. It's found for a friend who wants to make a short dance at her boyfriend's birthday party next month. After the suit arrived, we may change it a little bit. She doesn't want costumes which expose too much, so this one seems suitable.

Bright Blue Shiny Metallic Catsuit for Birthday Party
We plan to add in a wide silver color waistband, plus some bells around the ankles and wrists. For dance, people also wear black catsuits a lot, but she doesn't like that color. I hope I could make a small video by then.


Free Shipping Best for Buying Halloween Costumes Online?

At this internet world, I can't resist the allure of shopping online. There are many advantages for that, such as big collection of different costumes, place the newest styles of the zentai suits on shelf online, which is a feature limited at real stores because of the space. Another great advantage, is the much lower price at same quality products. No matter how you run it, a similar size store on internet, requires much lower expense compared with the real stores.

With some online purchases, today I have seen a slogan from a seller: Happiest Thing for Shopping Online - Free Shipping. This sounds really humorous for me. No matter where you shop bodysuits online, the shipping fee is unavoidable. So sometimes the sellers claim that it's free, while the expense for that's charged in some other ways. It's important, to be patient, for purchase like this. You could add the possible choices all into favourite, then record the price down, and compare later. If the price's not raised for free shipping, then there's a real discount. Some shops claim free shipping all the time, while costumes are sold much higher. Whether it's worthwhile, we need to compare.

That's why for online purchases, I love to get the stable shops, which could provide reliable services, in the long run.