Next Suit on My Zentai Shopping List

It's been a while since I got my last black skin-tight bodysuit.After the coming of summer, I am beginning to browse around for the suits again, and opposite from the love for bright colors, this time I want a unicolor dark color lycra zentai suit.If you ask why, simple, because in summer I want to take some shots of me encased in suits and the dress outside. The dark side suit could make me look more slim. I am thinking about this dark brown one, with the unique color, like the coffee color with slight golden, adoring it.

Golden Coffee Color Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
This suit is coming with a very unique color, and I really loving it. The more I look at it, the more I love it. The color's also like bronze one. I think I will buy it soon.


Flesh Color Zentai Suits

I have always kept my hobby for zentai suits as something personal, and except some friends met at internet, and this blog, I seldom talk about it with others. Deep in my heart, I really think this is something for a few, although it's still one of the fashion trend. Then I got shocked by another fashion recently hot in Britain. Compared with the traditional skin-tight bodysuits and bustiers, some are doing the so called "skin bustier". It has nothing to do with the skin or flesh color of the suits, but pierce the skin and get holes, then ping in the round rings and line up. After it's done, pull the thin belts through them, they get the most "tight" bodysuits. According to the report, this could be done at any part of the body, as long as the skin is loose enough, such as the back, the area under the neck.
Skin Pierce Bustier

I know it's really something personal, but for me I still can't accept it. Maybe it's because I am not willing to burden the pain, to get the beauty. Or may because when I love the zentai outfits, I am the "fully cover" type. However, the skin tight suits, could actually fully display your liquid bodyline. Maybe this is another kind of fashion.

Share some unicolor flesh zentai costumes.
Army Green Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Outfit
Blue Unicolor Lycra Zentai Costumes


Black and Purple Dream - My Black Zentai Suits Album

Not sure whether I talked about the black zentai costume I got earlier. It's ordered online, and to make things simple, I didn't do the custom measure, only select a standard size based on my height. From the other data, such as the chest, waist and hip circumference they gave in the chart, I guess the suit may be big. But anyway, I just wanted to finish it then joined my friends at tennis, so I rushed through it, and the suit arrived after two weeks. All good, and perfect height, except it's a little bit loose. I think I will use it to play multiple layers later, as the most out layer, or stuff balls inside and do weird. I may take a little video for that.

I tried the suit and here are some photos for it. This could be my first real zentai suits album, and I call it Black & Purple Dream.
Model by: me
Photography by: me, ok, with support of the advanced technology of my camera, and the steady tripod.
Component: Black lycra zentai suit, purple shoulder straps short dress, light yellow color straw hat.

Black Unicolor Full Body Suit
Silent Zentai Girl
My Black and Purple Zentai Dream


Spiderman Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits on Stage

Spiderman costumes show on stage! Yes, it's nothing new. But this is the first time I see someone showing on TV, in spiderman costumes, other than the spiderman movies. It's for a local entertainment program, with people invited from "us". I mean they are not professionals at the industry. There's a couple, who claimed themselves to be the petty sellers on street, joined the show and are keep winning.

There's always storytelling period for today's shows like this, you know. The real competitor is the woman, and the man's showing in red spiderman costume, holding a few green onions at hand, to be the cheer leader for his wife. Wife sings very well and this actually surprised the audience as amature, then she said she was a student majoring at music earlier, and fell in love with the man, who was the seller by then, so she dropped her study and married with him. The story made me cry.

Then today there's another post up there, claiming that the couple also joined another show, and their story is made up, to earn the tears. I don't know whether this is true, and barely not interested to seek more proof for this. I hope it's not cheating!

Spiderman on Stage Holding Green Onions

Spiderman Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

OK, my focus' still the dear Spidey costume I love. Attach a couple photos here.


Lycra Spandex Bedsheet?

A friend mentioned to me recently that he's got a lycra bedsheet. This is a new idea for me, as I never thought about this before when I buy stuffs like that.

All my bedsheet are cotton and actually I love the soft feeling.So he said that the lycra bedsheet is smooth and soft the same, even more comfortable than sleeping encased in lycra suit, also more convenient - ok, this really attracts me, as I am the lazy lazy type. Imagine I could just enjoy that without doing the change every day - I still need to do change at night, of course, but that means I get more freedom....

He's too excited with the sheet and didn't get much sleep at all for the first night. That's why he's up and chat with me at internet.

Then I have taken a brief look and don't see the zentai shops I usualy go having it. I emailed them and got the reply that they could do it for me, but need me to confirm the size and camouflage or color I need.

Alright, I think I will take a look at it.
I confess in my zentai suit


Secret or not?

I am one of the zentai suits lovers, and just like others, I keep it a secret in my real life, even to family members, friends and colleagues. Just do some posts online at forums or blogs, share some photos. Why do we keep it a secret? It’s said that there’s nothing really wrong about this, but we still deal with it as if it is. Maybe, this is a way of self protection. We keep it a secret, so others won’t know this, as this is still something not very acceptable for most.

It would be cool if we could get some friends loving zentai suit in real, then we could help each other taking photos, spend some time to chat about it, and share our little pleasures from wearing the suit, or exchange the purchase experience. It’s very hard though, as this is still something very limited, although Lady Gaga and some other brave fashion followers have already showed the charm of zentai costumes in public. 
Hide in the Dark in Zentai Suits


Shiny Metallic Zentai Costumes

Shiny metallic zentai costumes, although hard to maintain(because to keep the shiny effects, you need to keep them away from water, and you can’t sleep in shiny costumes either, or the shiny surface may get scratches), some beautiful patterns which we can’t get from lycra suits, are still very attractive to zentai suits lovers like me. I have seen a photo yesterday, by Marcy Anarcy, and the beauty in it, has inspired my passion to get a shiny suits again. 

Marcy Anarcy's Silver and Black Colorful Shiny Metallic Zentai Suits
In the photo it’s “zentai twins”(just as Lolita twins), including two persons encased in zentai suits, one bright silver and one mysterious black, all with the same beautiful lines composed squares as decoration, and slight tiny irregular colorful pots, only showing under the light, as rainbow like reflections.

However, it’s hard to find the same suits. I believe they are only custom-tailored at very small quantity. I have even gone to the cloth market, and failed to find similar style shiny material. Here are some beautiful shiny costumes I could find, and available for sale. All unicolor suits, but looks good too. 
Liquid Blue Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit
Champagne Shiny Metallic Zentai Costume
Burgandy Shiny Metallic Unicolor Zentai Outfit
The first shiny zentai suit is the blue color I love most, and this kind of liquid blue is very unique, reminding me of the beautiful ocean. The second suit is the beautiful champagne color, light yet attractive; and the third is a burgundy shiny metallic zentai suit.


Golden Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit in Subway

Zentai suits is really for a few, and because of this, it's hard to see them in public places, except for some special performance, or promotion campaign. There's a post recently, about a brave zentai lover, showing in subway, from waiting room to the subway, in the full body golden shiny metallic zentai suit. It's really a good surprise. Although it's still hard to say whether population will accept this kind of suits as a kind of dressing only, with more people step forward, we should have more freedom at this.
Waiting for the Subway in Golden Zentai Suit

Standing in the Subway Encased in Zentai Suit

Back of the Golden Shiny Metallic Zentai Suits
Maybe this is a signal that we have chances to see more zentai outfits in public, or we could become one of them too?


Black Lace Silk Zentai Suits for Summer

Summer's coming and this year, I am thinking about getting a lace zentai suit. I have never tried this kind before, also for the same reason as for shiny outfits. I have doubt whether I will be comfortable inside. The material looks very delicate and easy to break, so I may become careful encased in it, and the easiness in lycra suit will disappear.

Also the lace zentai costume is more expensive than lycra ones.

Black Lace Silk Zentai Suit
Half Transparent Visual Effects for Suit
There's really a mysterious attraction created in this suit.

Body Paint or Zentai Suits?

There was a post earlier about the art of tattoo all over the skin, to cosplay vampire. It's really cost a lot of patience, creativity and brave to do that. Compared with tattoo, body paint is much more tender way to do art, although it still takes a lot of time and design, we have more freedom at how long we wanna keep them :)

If to realize the second skin by zentai suits, it can't look so realistic as the skin paint, but to do zentai, it's quicker and easy to repeat use. However, the zentai outfits' camouflage is rather limited, by the creative cloths you could find. For body paint, you could almost do anything you like.

The thing suitable for me is zentai, as I am lazy, very lazy, and I am lack of the art talent too.


Delicate Masks for Zentai Suits

To create beautiful and unique zentai suits photos, some accessories could be big help, besides the creative and good looking outfits. Among these, masks should be one useful component, but it's hard to get good ones. This idea may come from the kigurumi, as the kigurumi is to wear the zentai suits, then mask and the cosplay costumes. Then it just came to my min that if only zentai suits and masks, based on the colors and the design of the masks, there also could be excellent works. Then I have seen some very good quality masks photos. It's a pity that just like the kigurumi masks, it's not easy to get a good one. Lucky, there are still some simple and low quality masks, which we could get at a relative low price. Attach a photo of the elegant Venice mask.
Beautiful Elegant Masks
Mask, Wigs and Chain on White Lycra Zentai Suit
The second photo's a taken, after encased in a white lycra zentai outfit, then wear the black bustier with the silver buttons and chain. The same white color mask and long wig, has created a very strong impression.


Newspaper Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Have you ever seen a zentai suit with the newspaper camouflage, black and white color? I haven't seen one myself, and there are some from Andy, Andy E Lycra, which looks so cool and creative.

Newspaper Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Newspaper Lycra Zentai Outfits by Andy


Blue Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit

One of my net friend, very young yet, has the curiosity for zentai suits and kigurumi, so she has collected the materials, and try to do it. She has bought a shiny metallic blue zentai suit, and a Chinese style cheongsam costume outside. However, it's not easy to do that. She has spent one whole day to collect the suits and materials, then there's no one beside to help her, so she has to take the photos by herself. At the same time, the shiny zentai suits give less visual eyesights compared with the lycra suits, so it's hard for her to get good photos. Just a lesson, and a beginning of love of zentai outfits and kigurumi.

Shiny Metallic Zentai Suit and Cheongsam

Not so good angle for a zentai suit
Just as a record, and this actually reminds me of my first suit, although I didn't even have the courage to take some shots.


Share a Photo of Friend in Zentai Suit

Flesh lycra spandex zentai suits are always a wonderful base suit, if you want to do kigurumi or cosplay, and with the soft touch, light color, you could almost wear whatever you like, to match with the suit. Recently my friend enjoyed herself at home. After trying on the new suit she got, she has worn a few other items, and take some shots. Share a photo here, of her encased in the suit, then wearing a sweet polka short dress, and sunglasses.

Flesh Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit


Anyone knows where to find this kind of green color zentai suit?

I have seen an old photo from collection in friend's blog, taken in 2007, quite old maybe for zentai fashion, but the color's a kind of light green, which is very attractive to me. I have browsed but don't find any similar green. I wonder whether anyone knows where I could get it?

As I often buy at trustedeal and I inquired them already. They told me the cloth material is not available now in their stock, and recommended me other green colors, but I have the ones I love already in that collection. They said if I can't find at other places, they could help me do a dig in cloth market, so I wanna try my luck at other places first.

This is the photo:
Green Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

And this is the list of the green suits I could find for now:


Screenshots from Videos of Flesh Lycra Zentai Suits

These screenshots are cut and printed from a friend's video from last year, and he's a big big fan for zentai suits. He has been in this career for about 5 years already, with many suits, and during weekend, one of his favourite activities is to dress in lycra suits, wear the dress or skirt,(yes, skirt), and gold or black curly hairstyle wig, then read some novels, or surf the internet, and sometimes video chat with friends. It's a pity that last year his apartment got a fire. Lucky thing is only items got burned, without people hurt; while the unfortunate thing is all his stuffs were burn into ashes, including the computer, zentai costumes, wigs, and all other items.

This video was taken before the fire, and share some photos here from it, of him in lycra spandex zentai suit, flesh color.

Flesh Color Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Full Body Flesh Color Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Flesh Color Lycra Spandex Zentai Outfits

Dress Over Full Body Skin Color Zentai Suit
Flesh color zentai suits is really popular among our group, and now a few of us, who love the cosplay shows, are also beginning to wear this as the base suit for most of our costumes.


Most Bizarre World Record about Zentai Suits?!

As a zentai suits lover, one of my desires is to show encased in zentai outfits without so many people's attention, although most inquiries and stares are not with any negative feel and some are even very curious, but it's still like being a stranger in a separate world sometimes, and most time I have to spend a lot of time to comfort myself before I get the courage to go outside into the public places. That's also why I really admire Lady Gaga, who is almost the leader at zentai suits dressing up and bring that into the fashion world.

So with this condition, the most fantastic and beautiful dream, even for many others think it's bizarre and crazy for the idea, is the news, that the a midland theme park, is hoping to realize a world record of most people in one place all wearing zentai. To realize this, all people in red, yellow or blue zentai outfits will enjoy free ticket, and in other colors will only need to pay 5 pounds as admission fee. If you ask why these three colors could enjoy total free, it's only because these three colors are the park's logo colors.

Really fun and really really hope we could have activity like this in local too. Right now to buy a whole set all-in-one zentai costume,cost only about 30 bucks if it's lycra, and around 40 if shiny metallic. The key is, we could get a chance to show in public and enjoy stuffs, just like everyone else, in this place. That's the charming and magic part.


Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Share a couple of photos taken after encased in black lycra spandex zentai suit, and after the first post of the photos in the forum, there was ever doubt and inquiry about the wearer's gender, female or male. Maybe you could check and find out yourself.

Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Could you tell?

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Shiny Metallic Arm Length Gloves

As zentai suits lover, have you ever tried the long arm-length gloves? Different from the full body suit, a pair of gloves could be easily worn and create a different feeling for your outfits. I have searched and found that most zentai suppliers are also offering the gloves, tailored by shiny metallic cloth material, and available at different colors. Look very good.

Purple Shiny Metallic Zentai Gloves
Green Unicolor Arm-Length Gloves
Royal Blue Shiny Metallic Zentai Glove
Silver Shiny Metallic Zentai Suits Gloves
These are sold most around 15 bucks, feel like worthwhile to order one pair when puchasing the zentai costumes. And maybe it's a good beginning to try something shiny metallic if you are a lycra fan just like me.


Golden Shiny Metallic Zentai Suits

Share a photo of friend in golden shiny metallic zentai suit here, without the hood on. The gold suit is new arrived and the color looks very bright and fresh.
She's wearing the shiny metallic costume

Original Product Photo of the Golden Shiny Metallic Suit
It took about seventeen days to arrive. Very same as the the original photo and exactly what's expected, and the size's fit well. Considering that the price's only 33 bucks, really a good deal.


Beautiful Flesh Color Zentai Suit Kigurumi

Kigurumi is something expensive and interesting. Here's a group of photos by friend, taken last summer. Wearing a flesh color lycra zentai suit, and red skin-tight suit. The zentai's a little bit loose at the neck part, you could see the lines, but overall it's fitting very well. Best group ever I have seen done by ourselves. If you want to compare with the posters by the kig brands, of course we don't have so much to invest in :)

Flesh Color Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit Kig

The lines around chest is well handled in the kigurumi

Flesh Zentai Suit's Fit Very Well

Slender Hands and Legs
Hope you like this group of photos. Sorry we are amature at photos taking, so the lights on the wall is not well handled.

My Green Black Lycra Zentai Suit

Don't ask me why I bought this zentai suit! It's a black white superhero style suit, with a bold circle image on the front chest, and the gloves are white(gloves are connected with the suit itself, not separated), and there's no hood. When I was browsing through the costumes, my little brother(21 now) thinks it's interesting to wear it on his girlfriend's birthday night in July, as the wear for the short dance or something he prepared (something strong and active). I don't know for sure, as he wants to make it a secret, and I don't know either how his gf will respond either. The lucky thing is, the suit's without hood, so if his gf doesn't know this or anything related with zentai suit before, there would be less surprise(compared with the suit with hood). Anyway, he asked me to help order as I have account with them, and here we got the suit.

It looks exactly the same as the pic shows, same green, and we are happy with that. The zipper's working and seam seems smooth. The fingers seam a little bit buggy but when you put hands in, it's fine. Only pity is the suit's a little bit small. We ordered a standard size male M, but the height's a little bit short. No problem to put on if stretch a little bit. I contacted their support and they agree to change. My bro seems not too mind about this, and I am waiting for his final decision whether to change it.

Show a few random photos here. The green color's a little bit off in my canon.

The Green Color's a little bit off, but in real it's the same as the original photo.

White Gloves

Zipper at Back
It's this product I ordered:

Advertisement Photo of the Green Black Superhero Costume


Three Blue Spiderman Costumes

I am always very curious how these suppliers of zentai suits could create so many different styles for spiderman costumes, and today I have seen a blue spiderman suit, and by more clicks I found two more and there are shops selling them at price around 40 bucks, and it's so interesting. I never saw a blue spiderman in real life.
Dark Blue Lycra Spandex Spiderman Costume

Skyblue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Do you like them? It's fun that after so long time that I saw them. I think they should exist long ago, but it's fun. Especially the first suit's dark blue color seems bring some alien feature, and the webs and spiders are by bright blue. The other two blue suit's lines are black, same as original.